The large extension of our bike sports package

Bicycle Sports Package

To hire bicycles applies, that support service of our bicycle-team, bike bottle, isotonic beverage/water, roadmap, and remembrance photo are included.

Content bike sports package

This is our "tangible output".
Redeeming your voucher for the bike sports package you receive the following:
  • Bike sports tricot ”Fred Rompelberg”with short sleeves in a professional quality,
  • sticker (proof of participation) for your bicycle,
  • Mallorca bike sports roadmap with marked routes as proposals for tours,
  • backpack
  • bike sports picnic
    ( 1 cake and 1 banana),
  • drinking bottle 0,75 l,
  • isotonic drink / water,
  • bike sports cap or forehead band,
  • picture postcard,
  • coupon € 5,- when buying bike pants, 
  • surprise coupon,    
  • filing card to fill in the ridden kilometres to receive a prize of remembrance,
  • the prizes corresponding to the ridden kilometres in one week are
    • for 150 - 500 km
      a pair of bike socks,
    • for 500 - 1000 km
      a bottle of wine,
    • for more than 1000 km
      a surprise prize
  • kilometre king / -queen prize (participant with most ridden kilometres in one week),
  • oldie-, youngster-, bad luck-prize
  • on farewell evening a free remembrance photo,
  • raffle of good luck prizes,
  • top-Hire Bicycles (additional payment).
  • In our service station professional mechanics will do small repairs on your own bicycle if necessary, you will have to pay for the required substitute and wear material only.

Guided Turns

More fun with cycling together with other sports friends in bike groups.
  • If you like you can cycle with guided groups four times per week at very good rates (look Prices below). You will be instructed by experienced Bike Tour Guides of the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team.
  • We go with well balanced groups on roads in a very good condition and with only few traffic to the nicest places mainly in the southern half of Mallorca. You can find more details concerning that item under Guided Groups on this website.


Body and soul are held together by eating and drinking.

with half board will obviously offer for breakfast and dinner
extensive, varied, sports corresponding meals in the form of buffets complying with all thinkable wishes.

The breakfast buffet 
contains coffee, tee, mineral water, milk and fruit juices; different sorts of bread, toast and cake; cereals, fresh and dried fruit; diverse sorts of sausage and cheese; omelettes and eggs;
jam, marmalade etc.

The dinner buffet 
comprises different soups, salads, fish, meat, vegetables, lettuce, trimmings, pasta,
sauces and lots of desserts.

Seven times / week 
before starting your daily tour you can pick up a bike sports picnic containing
1 cake and 1 banana and beverages (water, isotonic beverage)

You may call for your bike sports picnic daily from:
9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m in the bicycle room.

By the mini-package are only beverages included.

Medical Care

To be fit at every time.
  • Arranged by the hotels a doctor is available nearly all the time. We can say by the way, that medical care is very good on Mallorca and if necessary - hopefully never - we collaborate with very good hospitals only.
  • During the period

    Spring 2017:
    3 Januray till
    11 June 2017

    Autumn 2017:
    15 September till 
    29 Octobrt 2017

  • a masseur will be present. He will care for your fitness of the next day (look Special Price below).
  • As well as a sport masseur, we also offer treatments by sports physiotherapist Jos Alkemade.
    Jos is a Dutch sports physiotherapist with 35 years of experience in international top sport. Since a couple of years he has been living and working on Mallorca.

  • For treatment of injuries you can make an appointment.
    Telephone: 0034 64 88 56 883.
    Treatment is possible at his home in his place of residence Santa Maria del Cami if in Hotel Taurus Park.
    (look Special Price below).


Additional possibilities, if you do not want to cycle every now and then.
Our local agency respective the hotels offer lots of different, varied and interesting possibilities of alternation (trips by coach, train and boat, shows and events; additional payment necessary). This is interesting in particular for those accompanying guests, who do not participate in cycling but are welcome nevertheless. But perhaps they are made so enthusiastic by our bike sports programmme, that they share next time.


ome to the bicycle sports paradise Mallorca!


The "quite different manner" of greeting.

  • Our guests mainly arrive and leave on Saturdays and Sundays. After arrival you carry your luggage to your room and then enter the boutique. After this you set up your bicycle or pick up your reserved bicycle for hire from our service station. Subsequently there is an opportunity for a test ride; you could take the prologue turn.
  • On Sunday evenings at 8:30 p.m. the greeting of our guests in the Grupotel-hotels Taurus Park, Orient and Playa de Palma Suites & Spa will take place accompanied by a free welcome drink. On this occasion the team members are introduced and important tips and information concerning your bicycle holidays are transferred (possibly on Monday mornings).


 Here you will meet friends of bike sports and the members of the bicycle-team as well.
 Several times per week in the evening at 8.30PM meetings (alternatively "promi" evening) take place; the items are:
  • Technical advices (material, maintenance, repair),
  • tips concerning riding technique (sitting position, cycling in groups, clothing, training),
  • sports corresponding behaviour (feeding, body care),
  • Spanish traffic rules,
  • review of the expired day,
  • discussion / criticism (positive / negative); the members of the bicycle-team want to know what they could do better, they are all open for impulses and initiatives.


On Friday evenings at 8:30 p.m. is saying goodbye.This will be the usual agenda:

 - Review of the expired week,

- performances of guests,

- choice of kilometre king / -queen,

- distribution of remembrance prizes,

- delivery of remembrance photos,

- raffle of good luck prizes,

- forecast next year.



Evening program

In the conferenceroom of 

Grupotel Taurus Park

  • Sunday at 8.30 PM - Information about the program of the week, the groupleaders, etc.
  • Monday at 6.30 PM - Welcome drink.
  • Tuesday at 8.30 PM - Presentation by Fred about his world records.
  • Thursday at 8.30 PM - Technical details, sitting position and maintainence of a bicycle.
  • Friday at 8.30 PM - Goodbye-evening where we look back on the week, distribute the photosand reward the winner of the photo contest.