What would cycling sports holidays on Mallorca be without the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-team?
Like pie from Limburg without cream?
Like a bicycle without wheels?

No, that really would not be possible. That is why we are always looking for team members who want to join our bicycle-team on Mallorca. Besides that, on this page you can see all team members who were with our bicycle-team since 1998.

Our Team is looking for ....

The Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team is looking for group leaders, mechanics, masseurs and (married) couples for the period January till June 2016.
What we expect from the members of the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team:
  • Cooperation on Mallorca, to take care the holidays of our cycling guests being as pleasant as possible,
  • professionalism and experience of the cycle mechanics and masseurs,
  • knowledge of places and a reasonable cycle condition of the group leaders and (married) couples to be able to lead and accompany a cycling group four times a week,
  • to be understandable in Dutch and German because our cycling guests mainly come from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg,
  • flexibility as far as several duties or tasks are concerned and the time when these tasks have to be done,
  • fellowship under each other,
  • if possible knowledge to work with a computer.
The stay and assistance on Mallorca should be six to eight weeks.
Apart from an allowance for the travel costs and the stay in the hotel there will be no salary or pay.
Please contact us in writing or by e-mail:
Fred Rompelberg
Volksbondweg 9
NL-6214 AP Maastricht
The Netherlands

Team 2016

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle Team 2016


Team 2015

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle Team 2015

Team 2014

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle Team 2014
Front row f.l.t.r.
Jeanne Gommans, Dick-jan Beens, Werner Kunde, Tiny Rompelberg
Back row f.l.t.r.
Marc van Limbergen, Leo Beulen, Wim Hofstede, Galin Dimitrov
First row f.l.t.r.
Manuel Lammerts, Dickjan Beens, Werner Kunde, Marc van Limbergen, Wim Hofstede
Second row f.l.t.r.
Jeanne Gommans, Leo Beulen, Galin Dimitrov, Jos Goyens, Petua Tonozlieva
Third row f.l.t.r.
Harald Endler, Willy de Baets, Dieter Birkenstock, Martine Beke, Giovanni Ostolani
Fourth row f.l.t.r.
Chris Weegink, Albert Haasjes, Sander Goes, Hans Dets, Heinz Klier
Fifth row f.l.t.r.
Heinz Bauer, Martijn Broekman, Monique van Schie, Peter Janssen, Eddy Lutz
Sixt row f.l.t.r.
Egbert Beunk

Team 2013

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2013
Front row f.l.t.r.
Thiemo Schuurman, Stan Loo, Thomas Peeters, Anne Smulders, Patrick Dubbelman, Marc van Limbergen, Marc Verswijver
Middle row f.l.t.r.
Peter Janssen, Monique van Schie, Ronnie Vandenaerden, Jan Hogerwerf, Johan van de Hoog, Jo de Bruyn, Theo Jacobs
Back row f.l.t.r.
Jan Poelmans, -, Tiny Rompelberg, Fred Rompelberg, Bea Jacobs, Roland de Grande, Eddy Lutz
First row f.l.t.r.
Thiemo Schuurman, Ronnie Vanderaerden, Peter Conings, Kim den Otter, Margriet Mooij
Second row f.l.t.r.
Kees Mooij, Yannick Runhart, Richard van der Weg, Jos Goyens, Roland de Grande
Third row f.l.t.r.
Rita Calleuw, Monique van Schie, Johan van der Hoog, Peter Janssen, Thomas Peeters
Fourth row f.l.t.r.
Rene van den Berg, Chris Weegink, - , Stan loo, Rene Haut
Fifth row f.l.t.r.
Patrick Dubbelman, Andre Coolen, Jan hogerwerf, Marinus van der Klok, Jo de Bruyn
Sixt row f.l.t.r.
Theo Jacobs, Bea Jacobs

Team 2012

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2012
Above f. l. t. r.:
Eric Buddelmeijer, Ina Bruns, Tiny en Fred Rompelberg, Ellen Verheyen, Theodorus Boris Bonchev, Peter Janssen
Middle f. l. t. r.:
Samy Hendrikx, Eddy Luts, Andre de Raedt, Anne Smulders
Below f. l. t. r.:
Jan Poelmans, Mark van Limbergen, Dick Jan Beens, Theo Bezemer, Marc Verswijver
Above f. l. t. r.:
Patrick Houthooft, Ghislain Mangelschots, Tom Marcelis, Franky de Gendt, Ab Touw
Below f. l. t. r.:
Sebastiaan ten Zeldam, Angela Corstjens, Jos Habraken, Bas van de Vorst 

Team 2011

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2011

Above f. l. t. r.:
Theodorus Boris Bonchev, Uwe Kurtz, Peter Janssen, Sebastien Cirerol Vasseur, Tiny en Fred Rompelberg, Karin Verguts, Danny van den Bergh, Arno Maes, Frans van Gelswijk
Middle f. l. t. r.:
Theo Bezemer, Eric Stevelinck, Theo van Kouteren, Werner Kunde, Albert Haasjes, Henk Vermeer, Andre de Raedt, Bas van der Vorst, Leo der Kinderen
Below f. l. t. r.:
Martijn Stoop, Fred Cremers, Jose Cremers, Henk Rasenberg, Mark van Limbergen, Eddy Luts, Dick Jan Beens

Above f. l. t. r.:
Peter Janssen, Martin Roelands, Max Ehrhardt, Fred 268 km, Eric Stevelinck, André de Raedt, Theodorus Boris Bonchev
Below f. l. t. r.:
Tiny Rompelberg, Jan Poelmans, Christiane Roelands, Dick Jan Beens, Omer Debecker

Above f. l. t. r.:
Danny van den Bergh, Daniel Lahn, Eric Stevelinck, Peter Janssen, Tiny en Fred Rompelberg, Jan Poelmans, Karin Verguts, André de Raedt, Mark van Limbergen
Below f. l. t. r.:
Leo der Kinderen, Max Ehrhardt, Dick Jan Beens, Christiane Graulus, Omer Debecker, Fred Cremers, Christiane Roelands, Martin Roelands, Werner Kunde


Team 2010

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2010

Above f. l. t. r.:
Peter Janssen, Berrie Thoolen, Wiel Leurs, Tiny, Fred 268 km, Andre de Raedt, Theodorus Boris Bonchev.
Below f. l. t. r.:
Dirk Jan Beens, Paul Goethuys, Nick Toonen, Mammana Giuseppe.

Above f. l. t. r.:
Richard Tijsseling, Harm Hilverts, Peter Janssen, Uwe Kurtz, Markus Becker, Pieter Slikker, Christiane Graulus-Debecker, Omer Debecker, Tiny und Fred Rompelberg, Karin Verguts, Aurelli Van de Walle-Cleyman, Theodor Bonchev, Andre de Raedt, Jan Poelmans, Frans van Gelswijk, Jos Cleyman.
Below f. l. t. r.:
Frank Weber, Constantijn Knoll, Sigi Horn, Dick-Jan Beens, Danny Van den Bergh, Albert Haasjes, Peter Nielbock, Fred Cremers, Henk Vermeer.

1st row f. l. t. r.:
Christian Debecker, Tiny Rompelberg, Karin Verguts, Aurelli van de Walle.
2nd row f. l. t. r.:
Albert Haasjes, Richard Tijsseling, Omer Debecker, Frans van Gelswijck, Constantijn Knoll, Markus Becker, Dick-Jan Beens.
3rd row f. l. t. r.:
Jan Poelmans, Uwe Kurtz, Fred Rompelberg, Frank Weber, Peter Nielbock, Fred Cremers, Jos Cleyman, Theodor Bonchev.


F. l. t. r.:
Eddy Luts, Friedhelm Nienhaus, Henk Rasenberg, Martin Roelands, Henk Smeets, Martijn Stoop, Frank Ziemann.

Team 2009

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2009

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2009 with the following team members:
Tiny Rompelberg, Fred (268 km/h), Elza van den Eynde, Victor van den Eynde, Paul Goethuys, Andre de Raedt, Karin Verguts, Danny van den Berghe, Mattie Steens, André Linsen, Han Linsen, Martijn Stoop, Berrie Thoolen, Wiel Leurs, Annemie Guldentops, Willy Guldentops, Eddy Luts, Konstantin Knoll, Albert Haasjes, Eric Stevelinck, Peter Bos, Raymond Schouten, Dennis van Toorenburg, Ron Schoonderwoerd, Guusje Vrehen and Jos Colla.

On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Frank Ziemann, Friedhelm Nienhaus, Gerben Schreurs and Henk Smeets.On the photo f. l. t. r.:
 Markus Becker, Pieter Slikker, Ria Slikker and Martin Roelands.
The following teammembers are missing on the photos:
Uwe Gessler, Jan Poelmans and Roland De Grande.

On the photo f. l. t. r.:
 Markus Becker, Pieter Slikker, Ria Slikker and Martin Roelands.
The following teammembers are missing on the photos:
Uwe Gessler, Jan Poelmans and Roland De Grande.

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2009 with the following team members:
Letizia Rompelberg, Jetse Scholma, Peter Janssen, Patrick Strouken, Tony Strouken, Danny van den Bergh, Karin Verguts, Marcus Becker, Andre de Raedt, Tiny Rompelberg and Fred (268 km/h).

Team 2008

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2008

Werner, Eric, Leo, Annemie, Tiny, Fred 268, Elza, Victor, Ron, Jan and Piet.
André, Hugo, Nico, Willy, Mattie, Paul and Eddy.

Single photos right:
Omer, Wiel, Berrie, Ron, Rudy, Henk, Guusje, Harm, Heinz, Henk, Angela, Michel, Doris, Uwe, Henk, Frank, Uwe, Jan Jan, Daniel, Günter, Kristo, Friedhelm, Fritz, Ries, Letizia, Jetse and Tiziana.

Team 2007

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2007

Heinz, Eric, Harm, Henk, Jan, Victor, Fred, Tiny, Olaf, Eddy, Staf, Horst, Michel and Eddy.
Kristof, Henk, Jan, Uwe, Elza, Angela, Thea, Theo, Frank and Rolf.

Single photos right:
Wiel, Berrie, Jan, Fritz, Guenter, Leo, Kurt, Ria, Christianne, Omer, Werner, Patrick, Uwe, Reimund, Ron, Daniel, Friedhelm, Rudy, Tiziana, Letizia, Jetse and Ries.

Team 2006

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2006

Above f. l. t. r.:
Jan, Harm, Olaf, Jan, Jos, Erik, Christianne, Fred, Tiny, Elza, Michel, Angela, Thea, Theo.
Below f. l. t. r.:
Werner, Henk, Leo, Omar, Victor, Kristof, Ries, Heinz.

Single photos f. l. t. r.
1st row: Wiel, Berrie, Frank, Fritz, Willy,
2nd row: Henk, Kurt, Ria, Lothar, Maria,
3rd row: Patrick, Uwe, Maria, Ron, Daniel,
4th row: Rudy, Tiziana, Letizia, Jetse, Lars Bo.

Team 2005

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2005
Above f. l. t. r.:
Rudy, Theo, Thea, Bas Lo, Willy, Uwe, Fritz, Roland, Josef, Jan, Rita, Jacky, Elza, Letizia, Fred, Tiziana, Tiny, Jan, Maria, Jetse, Peter, Rolf, Leo.
Below f. l. t. r.:
Berrie, Patrick, Harald, Victor, Olaf, Jan, Uwe, Henk, Otto, Roger, Wiel, Werner, Daniel, Alain, Frank, Ron.

On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Victor van den Eynde, Jan Poelmans, Roger Otten, Frank Ziemann, Leo Huysmans, Uwe Gessler, Elza van den Eynde, Fred, Uwe Kurz, Tiny, Alain Jordens, Werner Kunde, Franz-Hubert Pfeifer and Roland de Grande.

Team 2004

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2004

Standing f. l. t. r.:
Appie Pellegrom, Jef van Gils, Roger Otten, Jan Eckhardt, Tiny Rompelberg, Fred, Elza van den Eynde, Henk van de Zelm, Roland de Grande, Richard Meyer.
Sitting f. l. t. r.:
Willy Rekers, Uwe Gessler, Werner Kunde, Victor van den Eynde, Uwe Kurz, Otto Kunkel, Olaf Kirscht.


On the photos f. l. t. r.:
Alain Jordens, Leo Huysmans, Andre Collavino, Andre Peperkamp, Daniel Boschung, Dr. John Husken.

On the photos f. l. t. r.:
Ellen Collavino, Friedhelm Nienhaus, Fritz Renold, Henk Rasenberg, Jacky van de Broeck.

On the photos f. l. t. r.:
Jan Poelmans, Josef Ulbrecht, Karl August Dücker, Lieven Coomans, Uwe Limbach, Roelof Stuurwold.

Team 2003

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2003

Standing f. l. t. r.:
Peter Hammerdinger, Alain Jordens, Cees Albert, Lothar Föst, Fred, Tiny, Roger Otten, Werner Kunde, Otto Kunkel.
Sitting f. l. t. r.:
Friedhelm Nienhaus, Uwe Kurz, Bruno Spielmann, Daniel Boschung, Leo Huysmans, Henk Rasenberg.

Standing f. l. t. r.:
Alain Jordens, Peter Hammerdinger, Bruno Spielmann, Martha Spielmann, Frans Duimel, Fred, Tiny, Jan Floris van de Berg, Werner Kunde, Roger Otten.
Sitting f. l. t. r.:
Jef van Gils, Uwe Kurze, Letizia Rompelberg, Jetse Scholma, Olaf Kirscht, Henk Rasenberg.

On the photos f. l. t. r.:
Lieven Coomans, Josef Oelbracht, Bert Veyt, Jacky van de Broeck, Ron Zijlstra, Frank Sheldon and Andre Peperkamp (sitting).

On the photos f. l. t. r.:
Wiel Frissen, Dr. John Husken, Karl August Dücker and Uwe Gessler.

Team 2002

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2002

Appie, Jetse, Tiny, Henk, Frank, head of reservations of hotel Taurus Park Juanjo Martinez, Jan Floris, Alain, director of Grupotel Taurus Park Guillermo Cerda, Christiane, Rainer, Fred, vice director of Grupotel Taurus Park Alex Alzamora, Leo, Jakob, Friedhelm, Daniel, Cees, Martin, Adrie, Frans, Adrie, Dr. John Husken, general manager of Grupotel Juan Bosch, Wiel, Roger, Ron, Peter, Ide, Hans, Jacky, Uwe, Jan, Letizia, Tiziana.

Team 2001

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2001

On the picture f.l.t.r. Jacky, Ronald, Els, Maud, Inneke, Ard, Jan, Ali, Maria, Rita, Freddy, Ide, Simone, Ilse, Christianne, Martin, Henk, Alain, Martin, Leo, Daniel, Karl August, Charlotte, dr. John, Annelies, Tiny, Anne, Friedhelm, Marina, Stien, Appie and Fred.

Team 2000

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 2000

Appie Pellegrom, Quiri Maesen, Geno Maesen-Hamal, Mark Honingh, Tiny Rompelberg, Martin Roelands, Jacky van de Broek, Fred Rompelberg, Ard Janssen, director of hotel Taurus Park Guillermo Garau, Bohumila Bauer, Ide van Wijck, Peter Bauer, Ahmet Mumcu, Dr.John Husken, general manager of Grupotel Juan Bosch, the directors of hotel Orient Guillermo Cerda and Alex Alzamora, head of reservations of hotel Taurus Park Juanjo Martinez, Henk Rasenberg, Jef van Gils, Christian Roelands, Wiel Frissen, Jörg Szczesinski, Nico Ruyloft, Friedhelm Nienhaus, Rudi Jongen, Ron Jongen, Jan Sinke, Daniel Boschung, Gerrit de Weerd, Marcel Roose and Yvo Blomme.

Team 1999

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 1999

Jacky van de Broek, Guido van Meeteren, Filip Sercu, Rudy Jongen, Tiny Rompelberg, Martin Roelands, Fred Rompelberg, Dr John Husken, Henk Rasenberg and Gerrit de Weerd.
Not on the photo are Leo Huysmans, Daniel Boschung, Friedhelm Nienhaus, Beppie en Robert Kuiper, John Moens, Jan Sinke, Ulli Kruse and Gerrit Maes.

Team 1998

Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team 1998

Appie Pellegrom, Wiel Frissen, Tiny Rompelberg, Fred Rompelberg, Dr John Husken, Daniel Boschung, Friedhelm Nienhaus and Leo Huysmans.