Mallorca is the real bike sports holiday paradise and will continue


Welcome to the bike sports paradise Mallorca !

Lots of Good Reasons

Anybody may participate,

cycling without overcharging.

There are lots of good reasons for cycling with the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team on Mallorca. You should do like thousands of cyclists and convince yourself.

  • In Spring and Autumn you can expect optimal Climate for cycling,
  • from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland and Austria you can easily reach the island, regularly, comfortably and even inexpensively within a two hours flight,
  • the landscape is very nice and varied; it has flat, hilly, mountainous and alpine regions as well,
  • depending on your personal wishes the island offers comfortable, strenuous and even challenging routes,
  • the side streets with only few motorized traffic are well built out and in a very good condition, so the infrastructure for cycling is ideal,
  • we worked out 100 turns with distances from 50 to 200 km and 200 to 2.000 m added altitude to overcome, so anybody will find something suitable for himself,
  • you find lots of very good Hotels with bike sports corresponding accommodation and feeding,
  • we offer a sizeable Bike Sports Package,
  • the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team will care for you in a professional and even personal manner,
  • well trained experts, bike tour guides being familiar with the localities and educated mechanics and masseurs are at your disposal,
  • our team has experiences of a 23 years time (2015),
  • everybody may participate; you will find agreeable the social aspect of the group experience while following the same nice hobby together with other sports friends,
  • we settle well balanced Guided Groups for Chat-, Hobby-, Tour-, Speed- and even elite amateur riders, this will be cycling without under- or overcharging,
  • you can pick up a lot of useful tips around bike sports,
  • experiences are conversed frequently,
  • we offer Hire Bicycles belonging to the upper middleclass,
  • a lot of possibilities of alternation is offered by our local agency and by the hotels, this is interesting in particular for accompanying guests,
  • our motto is: You may all but you need nothing!
  • Active, eventful, fantastic, formidable bike sports holidays are guaranteed; you realise that you should visit us at all soon!