In our Boutique, 
where the guests become their things and where in the morning the Team comes together to talk about the matters that are going to happen that day.
The Boutique is actually the heart of our Bicycle Holiday Organisation.

In our Boutique
where every person is being helped by 5 fantastic woman,
see the following picture:

Geertje Boersma, Petia Tonozlieva, Fred 268 km, Tiny Rompelberg, Letizia Rompelberg and Ingrid de Wit.

  • In our Boutique you can exchange your voucher for the bike service (package) or you get the package (see prices bicycle program), if you have not already booked together with the journey. You will then get the pass for the group rides, if you want to participate in guided tours with the group leaders (see prices bike groups)
  • Also for your application to rent a bike, please contact our Boutique
  • You can also buy in our Boutique cycling essentials such as jerseys, cycling shorts, t-shirts, gloves and windbreakers etc, in test quality and very good prices.
  • Even guests of other hotels could contact our boutique at any time to purchase a bike sports package and so enjoy, all that the Fred Rompelberg bicycle team has to offer for his cycling guests.
  • The opening hours of our boutique and the hire bikes during our times are underneath.

         The opening hours are from:
Monday Till Sunday (Daily)

Spring 2017: February 3th till
June 11th, 2017

09:00u till 12:00u
till 18:30u

Autumn 2017: September 15th
Oktober 29th, 2017

09:00u till 12:00u
15:00u till 18:00u