Categories from cycling for softies up to racing

Starters group

Starters Group:

For men and ladies who want to ride small tours with a lot of fun.

  • Tour distance: 30 - 50 km/h
  • Average Speed: speed at level

Easy Fun Group

Our guests in the "chat" groups do not want to ride marathon distances. They chiefly like active motion and enjoy to practise their hobby together with other like-minded people.

  • tour distance: 60 - 80 km
  • average speed: 16 - 22 km/h


Many hobby cyclists have experiences with bike tour trips, but they also want to have pleasure with cycling.

  • tour distance: 90 - 110 km
  • average speed: 20 - 24 km/h

Piano Tour Group

From time to time the piano tour cyclists go to the hobbyists and opposite. How you can see from the data the average speed is corresponding but the distances are longer.

  • tour distance: 100 - 130 km
  • average speed: 22 - 24 km/h


As far as the speed is concerned, the members of the tour groups are a bit more ambitious. Some of them like to ride marathon-distances of more than 200 km now and then. The rule "we start together and we come back together" is valid nevertheless!
  • tour distance: 100 - 130 km
  • average speed: 23 - 28 km/h

Speed groep

The speed cyclists should be well trained when starting their turns. But they should gain additional condition nevertheless to be able to beat their competitors during contests later on at home now and then.

  • tour distance: 120 - 140 km
  • average speed: 25 - 32 km/h