Fred Rompelberg Maastricht - Den Helder Classic

Fred Rompelberg Maastricht-Den Helder Classic isn’t there anymore!

The tourtrip “Fred Rompelberg Maastricht - Den Helder Classic” has been organised for the last time in the year 2003.

The tourtrip will not get a continuance in 2004. The organisation DOK-tour from Den Helder has in good consultation with Fred Rompelberg decided not to organise the tour again in 2004, because Fred Rompelberg hadn’t got time enough to expend his attention to this. This because he is very busy with his Marlloca Bicycle Hollidays.

Also see the webpage of: Helderse Ren- en Toerclub DOK

3rd Fred Rompelberg Maastricht-Den Helder Classic 2003

Tired, relieved and proud. Succesfull Fred Rompelberg Maastricht - Den Helder Classic with DOK.

98 participants at the international ‘3rd Fred Rompelberg Maastricht - Den Helder Classic’ arrived Saturday afternoon at a sunny DOK.
They started 12 hours earlier at the sultry capital of Limburg. At midnight ! There were a fine plate as reward, flowers and compliments of the dearest friends and two professional masseurs who treated many stiff muscles.

Also organizer Fred Rompelberg could not be present with the finish in Den Helder, due to a lot of duties (he just came back out of Mallorca from his Cycling Sports Holidays with the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team). The partner of DOK –TOER gave, like every year, 4 prices in the free lottery who was held after the finish at DOK. The winners will go to the sunny island Mallorca, in the mediteranean sea, with the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team, in spring 2004. The first prize went to Harke de Poel from Dordrecht, the 3 second prices (they only pay the flightticket, the stay on Mallorca is for free) went to Marius van Harten from Vleuten, Ben van de Hoort from Uithoorn and Martijn Pronk from Den Helder. Three men cancelled their participation, a 65-year-old American from Tier didn’t show up and there was only one men who didn’t reach the finish, Gert Jan Visser from Apeldoorn.
In the team of Den Helder there was also a tandem, who was ridden bij a South-African and an American. Other foreigners: Juergen Steinfelder from Dortmund and Roger Otten from Calamine, Belgium.

The first cyclists at the monstertrip arrived at 14.15 hours at the sunny field from the cyling association at the Doggersvaart. The cyclists this time arrived via the road from DOK and finished like real cyclists at the line and under a finish-cloth, were there was also taken a picture. The men – there were 3 women in the race – were encouraged by the speakers by speaker Cees Smit who gave the tired cyclists a compliment when they reached the finish. At the busy field there was just held a time-race and the youth was riding a trial. The opinions about the Maastricht-Den Helder were mostly very positive, alltough the last part, across Noord-Holland, from south-east to north-wet with wind-force 4 against them, was heavy. The other parts Maastricht –Maarheeze (85 km), Maarheeze -Vianen (105 km) and Vianen –Monnickendam (75 km.) were less filled with wind. But it was cold: In the morning in Eindhoven it was only 5 degrees Celcius and not everyone was wearing long trousers. The 51-year-old Jan Visser from Apeldoorn fell down along the Amsterdam Rijnkanaal near Diemen around half twelve and his collarbone came loose. A couple of cyclists who were riding along, helped Jan. A fisherman brought Jan Visser to the AMC (Hospital, Amsterdam), but the X-ray Jan had to go home.

The two last arrivers, the brothers Haan from Valtermond and Bedum, forgot their route-description in Monnickendam. Due to tiredness they were alone and to not to get lost, they had to ask their way to reach DOK. That is way it took them so long to get there.

The 53-year-old Tim de Poel from Emmen arrived at 7h15 pm at his ‘normal’ bike. After a good massage he was back with the living.

2nd Fred Rompelberg Maastricht-Den Helder Classic 2002

The 2. 'Fred Rompelberg Maastricht-Den Helder Classic' has been driven again.

On Fridaynight 28 June 2002, around midnight, the startmoment from this Monster-Cyclingtour from 330 Kilometer, dork clouds threaten and the weather forecast for Saturday was not good.
Nevertheless 95 participants started after a speech from Anne de Poel - PR-coorperator from the organising cyclingclub HRTC DOK from Den Helder – and a encouraging speaking from the alderwoman from Sport from Maastricht, Miss Marina Mesman. Fred said the last words. He offer the alderwoman symbolic an amount of Euro 500,-, to spend for ‘sports for the handicapped child of Maastricht’ and wished the participants a good journey and a save arrival in Den Helder.

RTL 5 made television recordings and held some interviews with participants.
After the dark stop in Maarheeze – free drinks from lemonadefactory Winters – they drove direction Vianen. At Van der Valk in Vianen there was a abundant breakfast offered. The weather was better then expected, the sun shone and it was lovely cycling weather. There were some stoppers due to material bad luck and/or no good preparation, but of course, it isn’t nothing: in one day trough all the land. In total seven people quit along the way.

The route appear to be a little bit longer than 330 kilometers, a fault which will be put right next year. The first participants arrived around 13.30 hours at the lovely cycling complex from DOK in Den Helder. For everyone who fulfilled the tour, there was a beautiful shield. Around 4 o’clock Tiny Rompelberg draw four lots for the free lottery for the 4 completely and partly free Cycling sports holidays with the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team on Mallorca in spring 2003.
The lucky-ones are: Ronald de Haan from Biervliet, Jan Jacobs from Venray, Johan van Nes from Uithoorn, Kees Zuurbier from Den Helder.

Fantastic, all participants congratulations, it were 330 kilometers to go, formidabel-great.

The Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team thanks cyclingorganisation HRTC DOK from Den Helder for the organisation.


On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Tiny, .., Peter Engelen, Anne de Poel,
Loek Tigchelaar, Peter Bremers and Ruud Vallenduuk.

On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Tiny, ... and Joop Kos.
On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Alderwoman from Sport from Maastricht,
Miss Marina Mesman, Fred Rompelberg,
Tiziana Rompelberg and Letizia Rompelberg.