Experienced tour guides will lead you along the nicest routes of Mallorca


The tasks of the tour guides.
The bike tour guides are mainly responsible for the points:



  • To observe the traffic rules,
  • to teach correct and well balanced biking in order to guarantee the turn to be neither too hard nor too easy and particularly to avoid accidents.


  • To give tips concerning routes, points of danger, mountains and slopes, distances etc.,
  • to support in case of bad luck,
  • to train optimal biking in lee and changing of the leading group drivers,
  • to instruct changing of inner tubes, position of sitting, gearing, technique of curve-driving etc..


  • To rest at the best places in order to see Mallorca not only from the saddle,
  • to lead the bike group in conformance with our motto: We start together, we come back together; defects are repaired collectively,
  • to invite jointly with the hotel on Mondays after the first tour of the week for a free drink.