Important and useful tips for your bike sports holiday trip to Mallorca

Important Tips

  • You practise your bike sports activities on Mallorca at your own risk. You are responsible yourself to observe the valid traffic rules! The Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team does in no case warrant for physical or material defects you undergo or cause by practising of bike sports, even if you ride in a group with or without a group guide of our team.
  • Using of helmets is obligatory for racing cyclists on Mallorca.
  • The output of the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team, the offers of tour operators and travel agencies and the performance of the hotels concerning equipment and output are subject to change.
  • The distances and the planned average speed announced for the guided groups are no doctrines. In accordance to the profiles of the tours, the weather situation and the wishes of the group members deviances are possible.
  • The tenant of a hire bike is on principle responsible for all defects resulting from careless handling, fall, accident, theft etc., as far as the damage is not covered by the obligatory bike insurance.


  • By reasons of liability law we point out explicitly, that the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team undertakes in no case any responsibility for all sites linked on this website, since we have no influence as far as the contents, design and current modification of these sites are concerned (Judgement 312 0 85/98 from 1998-05-12 "responsibility for links").
  • The entire contents of this website is put together after best knowledge and conscience. But the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team does not warrant for mistakes, which could have sneaked in for all that.

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      • Booking conditions for the journey you booked with us:
        • The package tour contains transfer, hotel accommodation, bicycle service from our team and the rental bike.
        • After we have booked your journey you immediatly have to pay everything that's on the bill we send to you.
        • Where appropriate, the price is raised with the premium of the cancellation insurance.
        • If you let us book your flighttickets, we charge €10,- per person for the extra costs.
      • Conditions in case of cancellation of the journey you booked with us:
        • We don’t repay any costs after you have cancelled.
        • If you let us book your holiday, your flight tickets as well as the hotel are paid immediately by us.
      • Urgent advice:
        • Contract a cancellation insurance.
      • The consumer does not have - after his order - at one’s disposal the right to withdrawal, corresponding to the law Tradepractices/Legal Book Economical Rights.

Karl-August Dücker.

Karl August DückerIf you want to prepare in detail for your bicycle sports holidays on Mallorca already at home before starting, you should read the many interesting tips which our German guest  Karl August Dücker, who visited us very often during the last years, collected on his homepage. This website is only available in German.

Karl August Dücker has managed our site for years. Much thanks for all the years that he does and has done for us.


Practical tips

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