Memories concerning the bike sports holidays with the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team on Mallorca


Memories, everyone has got memories, good and bad memories, beautiful memories and memories which we want to forget as soon as possible.
Memories to an old love, a good competition or a nice cyclingsportsholidayweek with the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team.

Cornelissen, Bjorn

Bjorn Cornelissen and Joop van Vliet prepare themselves for the new cycling saison every year again with us on Mallorca.

On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Bjorn Cornelissen, Annika Vos (girlfriend of Bjorn), Fred and Joop van Vliet.


Fred Rompelberg did in the Clinica Picasso in Palma (Capital of the Balearic Islands) in 2004 a test concerning his maximal burden.

On the photo Fred with the ecotrophologist Dr. Tobias Groß, who carried out this test in cooperation with the cardiologist Dr. Luai Chadid.

And now you want to know the results.
The results will follow: .....

Hobby Cyclist

Every year in spring lots of hobby cyclists from all over Europe like to come to the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team to Mallorca.
Three examples below only:

Standing f. l. t. r.:
Bernd, Fetje Dolmans, Tim Beurms, Paul de Keyser, Anton Rumpel, Wil Gulikers, Ralph, Fred, Andre Oudshoorn, Willy Notten, Horst Salentin, Rob Roelofs, Franziska Salentin, Marten Thors, Eep Armts, Henk Romp.
Squatting f. l. t. r.:
Bolleke Bernijke, Harry van Seggelen, Jan, Theo Dolmans, Ad Blocks, Bas Conijn.

On the photo standing f. l. t. r.:
Jan van Kuijk, Gaston Geerts, Henk Rasenberg, Jan Hauberg, Fred, Ruud de Jong, Jürgen Beckmann, Marjolein Mekel, Manfred Krikke, Wim Kwakkel. Squatting f. l. t. r.:
Hayco Moraal, Eline Dubois, Willem Smit, Andreas Renner.

On the photo standing f. l. t. r.:
Hester-Marieke Kroes, Remy Mols, Bob de Becker, Eduard Leifert, Harry Aardoom, Bram Dieleman, Jan Heerenthals, Fred, Christian Liebich, Jan Thys, Marten Thors, Johan Verstraten, Pepe ‘Josef Staffa’, Robert Walli.
Squatting f. l. t. r.:
Bram van de Velde, Letizia Rompelberg, Frans van Camp, Theo Verbruggen, Koen van Laecke, Sjaak Turkenburg.

Mansveld, Debby

Debby Mansveld used the year 2001 to make it one of her best cycling-seasons.
Debby has already prepared herself many years for the new cycling-season with us on Mallorca.

Debby, here on the photo with the selection of the Dutch cycling-union KNWU with their coach Herman Snoeyink.

Moorsel, Leontien v.

The Rompelberg family (Tiny, Tiziana with her boyfriend Davy, Letizia and Fred) and Michael and Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel with their professional ladies-cyclingteam "Farm Frites-Hartol" 1999.

On the photo:
Rikke Sandhoj Olsen, Jeanet Harder, Sharon van Essen, Anouschka van der Zee, Sissy van Alebeek, Yvonne Brunen, Esther van der Helm and Debby Mansveld.


The lady cycling group "Ondernemers van Nature" with Eric van der Weide visited us on Mallorca also.

On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Rikke Olsen, Andre Klep, Marieke Moors, Francis Lindhorst, Eric van der Weide, Joop de Boer. Sitting f.l.t.r.: Saskia van Duuren, Jaccolien Wallaard, Ingrid Kelderhuis and Ron Voogd.

Special Guests

Jesse and Bente Bergsma from the Netherlands visited us in springs 2002 on Mallorca to spend magnificent holidays together with her parents and grandparents.


Regular guests, who come allready a lot of years to mallorca to the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team, to have their cycling sports holiday, came this time to Maastricht to visit the family Rompelberg.

On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Fred, Karla Jansen, Marion Beltrami, Waltraud Hohnen, Helmut Jöris, Karl August Dücker, Charlotte Dücker, Letizia Rompelberg, Tiny Rompelberg and Helmut Hohnen.

Taurus Park Team

In October 2001 Fred organized a cycling turn with co-workers of the hotel Taurus Park.

Standing f. l. t. r.:
Paco, Esteban, Juanjo Martinez (teacher of Miguel Indurain, the fivefold winner of the Tour de France), Vicente, Fred, Angel.
Squatting f. l. t. r.:
Arabi, Domingo, Eusebio.