Nieuwe racefietsen

New Racing Bicycles

  • Attention: At the moment we can not provide the new bicycles.
    The delivering is possible in January or February 2017.
    We also can not say anything about the composition of the bikes.
    By interest mail or call us end of December 2016.
  • On this page you find information about the possibility of 
    buying our brand new racing bicycles "Fred Rompelberg (268 km/h)".

  • The bicycles correspond to the bikes that are used as hire bicycles during our bicycle holidays on Mallorca with the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team.

  • The configuration of the bicycles may be subject to change.


  • Ordering
    To order a bicycle, you'll have to send an e-mail to 

    Fred Rompelberg.

  • Price
    Our price for the new racing bicycles is € 1598,- only.

  • Frame
    The brand new light weighted racing bicycles "Fred Rompelberg (268 km/h)" have
    • double-butted aluminium frame “Müsing” with round tubes
    • and carbon fork,
    • the bikes are available in the following frame sizes:
      44 / 46 / 48 / 50 / 52 / 54 / 56 / 58 / 60 / 62 / 64 / 66 cm; 
      the Frame Size has to be measured from the centre of the crankset to the centre of the upper tube.
  • Groep Shimano Ultegra
    • B - Compact
  • Equipment 
    The bicycles are equipped with the complete newest Shimano Ultegra FC-6800 group for 2016.
    This group is characterized by gear- and brake cables integrated in handle bar and frame.
    There won't be a combination with other groups and/or groups from other years:
    • Ultegra double (Compact) 2 X 11 speed
      2 blades in front with 50-34 teeth, 11 gears back with 11 - 32 teeth.
    • or blades of your own choice,
    • other options are possible,
    • Ultegra crankset,
    • Ultegra inner bearing,
    • Ultegra cassette,
    • Ultegra chain, 
    • Ultegra STI brake handle gear shifting,
    • Ultegra front wheel break,
    • Ultegra rear wheel break,
    • Ultegra front gearshift,
    • Ultegra rear gearshift.

  • Wheelset
    • DT Swiss 370, DT Competition sw, Pro Lock Nippel, DT RR460
  • Colours
    • See the pictures

  • Including
    • Bicycle computer Sigma 1106 BC,
    • bag with a spare inner tube and two tire levers,
    • two water bottle holders with two water bottles “Fred Rompelberg”,
    • hand pump,
    • exclusive of pedals.

  • Warranty 
    • four years on the frame,
    • two years on the painting
    • and furthermore the usual warranty offered by Shimano
      and the manufacturers of the other components.


Photos of the new racing bicycles "Fred Rompelberg (268 km/h)"