Mallorca in general

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The island of Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest amongst the Balearic Islands with Palma de Mallorca as its capital. Palma de Mallorca is also the largest city of the island. In the summer, the island is visited by many tourists, but also hosts enough vacationers during other months.

Mallorca is an excellent holiday destination that's pretty close to home with beautiful beaches and plenty of nightlife. The tourists who visit Mallorca are divided into two groups. The first group visits to enjoy the sun and endless beaches. The other group visits Majorca for cycling or walking. In recent years, the number of tourists from this second group has only grown. In the interior you can't go a few minutes without seeing a group of cyclists come along.
Furthermore, Mallorca has several alternatives to offer, with the main point being the capital Playa de Mallorca.


There is plenty to do in Mallorca. People who want to see more than just the beach on Mallorca have plenty of choice. Mallorca offers a lot of variety of places to visit. Rustic monasteries to lavish aquariums, you encounter it all.

Aquarium of Palma 

The Palma Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Mallorca and has been awarded several times for the most popular attraction on the island.
The aquarium is divided into different seas, including the Mediterranean. There are also several tropical seas represented. Besides those, there are in the aquarium a jungle, a jellyfish tank and a Mediterranean garden. The Palma aquarium in its own words the deepest shark tank in Europe.
Special activities you can do in the aquarium include swimming in the shark tank or the stingrays.


Cuevas del Drach

Cuevas del Drach or Dragon Cave is located near the town of Porto Cristo in the eastern part of Mallorca.
The caves were created many centuries ago by the waters of the Mediterranean, which was continuously pushed along the limestone. The existence of the caves has long been known. All the caves are mentioned in the fourteenth century.
Today, the Cuevas del Drach are one of the main attractions of the island. During a visit to the caves you first walk along beautiful rooms with stalactites and stalagmites. One room is even more impressive than the other. A tour of the cave ends with a mini-concert on the underground lake of the cave.



Pollentia is a former Roman city on Majorca just outside the walls of the town of Alcudia.
As early as the eighteenth century, this historic town was discovered, but it was not until the twentieth century that the excavations would begin here.
The excavations are still ongoing. Regularly there are new discoveries made. The finest and most exceptional finds are now on display in the Pollentia Monographic Museum. For a small fee the site of Pollentia can be visited. You can see the remains of an old theater.


Monastery of Valldemosa

The Monastery of Valldemossa is a Carthusian monastery from the fourteenth century. Originally, the building served as a palace but from 1399 to 1835 the building served as a monastery. After the monastery was expropriated the monks were still able to rent a cell in the building. However, this could also be done by outsiders. So it could happen that the composer Frederick Chopin with the writer George Sand stayed for several months in the monastery.
At the monastery you can still find a bust of Chopin to commemorate this event.


Palma de Mallorca


Who wants to shop in Mallorca should be in Palma de Mallorca. There are in the other towns and villages in Mallorca where you'll mainly find souvenir shops and small local grocery stores, Palma de Mallorca has all the big chain stores. Besides the big-name brands are also lots of fun and unique shops that Palma make a unique place to shop. The streets of downtown Mallorca are always well stocked with shoppers.


Palace Almundia

Palace Almundia is the royal palace of Majorca. If the Spanish royal family in Mallorca stay overnight than they do it in the palace of Almundia. The palace dates from the thirteenth century. It was built by the son of King James the First of Aragon. This had converted the originally Moorish palace to the current palace. Because of this strange transformation the palace has an unusual sight.
The palace can be visited, provided that the royal family is not present. Some of the old quarters in the castle is stylishly furnished and provide a good picture of what life in the palace, there has been seen before.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is the main market square in the historic center of Palma de Mallorca. The square is the center of the historic city. In total there are six blocks from the square. It is therefore not surprising that in Mallorca said: "All roads lead to Playa Mayor." On the square are mainly hangouts. During the summer months the square is filled with lively terraces. During the winter  around Christmas you'll find an actual Christmas market.
Throughout the year several street performers can be found on the square. From fakirs to magicians, they all find their own way to entertain the audience.