Personal memories


Memories, everyone has got memories, good and bad memories, beautiful memories and memories which we want to forget as soon as possible.
Memories to an old love, a good competition or a nice cycling sports holiday week with the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team.

Hürzeler, Max

Worldchampion and "Mallorcan emperor" Max Hürzeler, winner of the Maastricht "Zesdaagse" 1985 (Six-day stayer event) with flowers, and his strongest competitor Fred Rompelberg.
On the black and white photo you see Max Hürzeler (right) and Fred Rompelberg on a round of honour. On this photo Max Hürzeler (red shirt) and Fred Rompelberg (blue shirt).


Letizia Rompelberg, one of Fred's and Tiny's two daughters, and her worldrecord (swimming), 1987:
Letizia is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records with swimming as youngest qualified swimmer.

This is at what age Letizia got her diplomas:
diploma A: 3 years and 59 days (december 28, 1987)
diploma B: 3 years and 212 days (may 28, 1988)
diploma C: 4 years and 109 days (february 16, 1989)

On the photo f. l. t. r.:
swimming-instructor Fieke Körvers, Tiny, Letizia and Fred.

Libregts, Piet

On 19th September 2002 came in Restaurant-Taveerne Herperduin in Herpen an illustrious society together to honour Piet Libregts, who is fighting against a very heavy disease.

Forty years ago Piet Libregts (72) entered the bicycle-sports as a delivery boy of Gerrit Schulte in in sixday courses. Later he promoted to teamleader of  the famous Frisol-team and he became coach of the national amateurs. Many champions "went through his hands" during the last four decades and because of his professionalism and his charming Brabantian character Piet bounded all this cyclists to his person.
This appeared again on the 19th September, because everyone reacted at Fred Rompelberg's call to honour Piet Libregts with a bourgondish meal in Herpen. Even the 90 years old Lomme Driessens, with whom Piet Libregts started his carreer as guardian, was present. Very pleased was Piet with the presence of Rik van Looy, the "emperor of Herentals". But also national champions like Jan Janssen, Peter Post, Piet Rentmeester, Hennie Kuiper, Cees Priem and Leo van Vliet showed their respect for the man, who was one of the pillars in the Dutch cyclingsports for the last forty years. His daughters Petra and Lieske, together with his son-in-law Bart Brentjens, were present, who is the only-one in this time who is still cycling at a high level.
We wish you much strength, Piet !

On this unique photo standing in the row behind f. l. t. r.:
Leo van Vliet, Charles Taylor, Frank Libregts, Joop de Gans, Hans van Schayk, Herman Krott, Jeroen Mantel, Rene Libregts, Raymond Kerckhoffs and Bart Brentens.
In the row in front standing f. l. t. r.:
Fred Rompelberg, Cees Priem, Remie de Moor, Ton Vissers, Tiny Rompelberg, Jan Janssen, Lieske Libregts, Wim van Drunen, Koos Tacx, Hennie Libregts, Petra Libregts, Carel Hamelinck, Gerard Koel, Piet Rentmeester, Jules Bruessing, Karel Dierick and Hennie Kuiper.
In the first row sitting f. l. t. r.:
Rik van Looy, Lomme Driessens, Piet Libregts, Ge Peters and Peter Post.


100 years race cycling
exhibition in Sittard museum "het Domein" in 2004

Tiny and Fred visited in the museum "het Domein" in Sittard in the province Limburg, the Netherlands, the exhibition about the history of 100 years of race cycling with the title "De dood of de gladiolen" (Death or gladiolus).

The worldrecord bicycle with which Fred realized the Absolute Worldspeedrecord Cycling (268,8 km/h) did not lack.
The exhibition was a very interesting sight where many attributes of racing cyclists coming from the region of Limburg were exposed.
On the photos the worldrecord bicycle with Tiny and Fred. These photos were made by Harry Paping exclusively.

Opa Jeng

Opa Jeng Rompelberg has been honored,
on 8th December 2002 the whole family Rompelberg was together.

In the bowling center of Maastricht there was a gatherin from Family Rompelberg.
Enjoying from a fine lunch there was a lot of chatting.
It was a very pleasant afternoon wich we have all enjoyed. This was all to honour the 83 year old grandfather Opa Jeng Rompelberg, who had all his children and grandchildren together again.
En passent Maria Rompelberg’s birthday was also celebrated and of course there had been singing "happy birthday ..." with at the end the clubsong from Mallorca "hali halo, ...".
On the photo the family Rompelberg

Standing f. l. t. r.:
Uncle Piet de Groen, Frank, Simone, Ria, Tiny, Letizia, Maria, Thanske, Sabine, Bert, Tiziana, Davy Jacobs.
Sitting f. l. t. r.:
Fred, Aunt Lies Rompelberg, Aunt Rika de Groen, Lou, Grandfather Jeng Rompelberg, Laur, Emile, Pie, Julien.

Team Leaders

A gathering from the old-sponsors and foremen of Fred Rompelberg in Den Bosch in Restaurant Chalet Royal, closely before Christmas 2001.
Because of illness Lomme Driessens, the nestor of the foremen in Europe and foreman in 1985 from Nikon and Fred, was absent.

Standing f. l. t. r.:
Wim van Drunen (Ecco), Karel Dierick (Mini-Flat), Huub Engelen (I.B.I.S.), Joop de Gans (Jetstar Jeans), Tiny, Fred, Jos Elen (Elro Snacks), Remie de Moor (Vosschemie).
Sitting f. l. t. r.:
Raymond Kerckhoffs (Journalist Telegraaf), Henny Libregts (Amko), Ton Vissers (Amko), Piet Libregts (Frisol), Peter Post (TI Raleigh).

Vaesen, Pierre

Pierre Vaesen died on Sunday, 9th July 2000 in Maastricht.
Pierre was 5 times Worldchampion and holder of the worldhourrecord with 38 kilometers and 325 meters in Mexico City, 1975.

Pierre had 2 daughters Mariette and Willy and 1 son Armand.

On the photo:
Pierre Vaesen in Austria with 91 years still worldchampion in St. Johann.

Vergoossen, Sef

Letizia Rompelberg once visited Sef Vergoossen in the football stadion of Genk, when he was still trainer of Racing Genk.

On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Paul Heylen, Ludo Poelmans (from printing office Moderna, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium), Fred, Letizia Rompelberg, Andries Poelmans (son of Ludo) and Sef Vergoossen.