Lots of prominent guests visiting the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team


The prominent guests are listed in alphabetical order.

Braun, Gregor

The elder friends of cycle sports will remember the earlier professional cyclist Gregor Braun, (in former times very successful on track and road as well; he was German -, European -, Olympic - and world champion) as “Bear of the Weinstraße”. If time allows it he nowadays is even group leader of the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team from time to time.

Standing f. l. t. r.:
Stephan Tebroke, Thomas Biermann, Niels-Jörk Temmen, Gregor Braun, Werner Bawel, Herman Verhaik, Fred, Patricia Ingerl, Klaus Boruschewski, Roland Woischnig and Ton van Niuwkerk.
Squatting f. l. t. r.:
Herbert Tietke, Thomas Wiendlocha, Boris Schweitzer, Vocker Miess and Helmut Eck.

Duijnhoven, Rein v.

Cycling is an extremely advantageous form of sports for professional football players, who want to set up their condition again after having been hurt and so to recreate themselves. But for Rein van Duijnhoven, the Dutch goalkeeper of the German “Bundesliga”-team VFL Bochum and his colleagues the fun with the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team stood in the foreground.

On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Vahid Hashemian, Axel Sundermann, Dietmar Berchtold, Søren Colding, Fred, Rein van Duijnhoven, Hilko Ristau, Martin Meichelbeck and Thomas Reis.

Krajicek, Richard

For many years the Dutchman Richard Krajicek was one of the world tennis top ten. In 1996 he won the legendary Wimbledon competition; in 1999 he was number four in the world tennis ranking.
As a compensation he came to the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team with his family to reconnoitre the island together with Letizia Rompelberg and Jetse Scholma on two wheels.

On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Tiny Rompelberg, Richard Krajicek, Jetse Scholma, Letizia Rompelberg.


On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Letizia Rompelberg, Daphne Deckers, Fred, Richard Krajicek and Jetse Scholma.

Moorsel, Leontien v.

With four Olympic gold medals, eight world championships, 39 Dutch championships, the one hour against the clock world record and lots of victories in cycle contests on the road and track as well the cycle sportswoman Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel had an extraordinary career. She was one of the most successful cycle sportswomen of the world. Regularly she came to the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team on Mallorca together with her teams to prepare these successes.

On the photo a part of the "Farm Frites-Hartol" team together with members of the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team.

Standing f. l. t. r.:
Appie Pellegrom, Sonja van Kuik, Jan Floris van de Berg, Michael Zijlaard, Frank Sheldon, Fred, Adrie Duimel, Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel, Sissy van Alebeek, Frans Duimel, Anouska van der Zee and Jacob van der Veen.
Squatting f. l. t. r.:
Tiny Rompelberg, Jetse Scholma, Cees Albert, Leo Huysmans, Friedhelm Nienhaus and Henk Rasenberg.

Leontien with a "colourful mixture" of professionals and hobby cyclists.
Row behind f. l. t. r.:
Christian Leschke, world champion junior mountainbiking, Femke Kwekel, Caroline Slikker, Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel, Fred, Tom Cordes, Michael Zijlaard, Olga van Velzen, Olaf Greifsmuhlen, Edith Bergkotte, Rik Hofmans, Tim Takken, Jan Poelmans.
Row below f. l. t. r.:
Ron Sluimer, Heidi Van De Vijver, Kevin Sluimer, Danny Corbeau, Odwin Bink, Dennis Kok, Hugo Kok, Jan Lauwerse.

Post, Peter

The at Amsterdam born Peter Post may pass for a kind of Nestor of the Dutch cycle sports. During his career as a professional cyclist he was Dutch champion and won under others the legendary Paris - Roubaix race as well as 65 six day races on tracks. Later on he was the leader and manager of the successful teams TI-Raleigh and Panasonic. In this capacity he cared for a armada of well known professional cyclists like Joop Zoetemelk, Jan Raas, Didi Thurau, .... Even Fred Rompelberg was one of his protégés in 1974 / 75 and 1981 as well. Nowadays he is infected by the bacillus Mallorca like many people and he likes to go to Fred for bicycle vacation.


On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Tiny Rompelberg, Joop van Vliet, Tineke van Vliet, Fred, Marion van der Hurk and Peter Post.

Ritsma, Rintje

During the warmer period of the year cycling on race-bikes is the ideal sports for ice skater to go on with a good condition or to set it up. So the well known TVM ice skating team came with its world champion Rintje Ritsma and all the other cracks (world-, Olympic-, European- and Dutch champions) to the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team to keep on or become fit for their next season.

Standing f. l. t. r.:
Rien de Roon (frequent champion on skids rolls and wheels), Melanie Rekko (known from "Vrijthof“ at Maastricht), Gerard Kemkers, Andrea Nuyt, Gerard van Velde, Rintje Ritsma, Fred, Alexander Oltrop, Renate Groenewold, Beorn Nijenhuis, Yuri Solinger and Jochem Uytdehaage.
Squatting f. l. t. r.:
Jack Ploeg, Gerrit Mooi, Astrid van de Burgt, Wiel Frissen (our well known mechanic and former professional cyclist) and Herbert Dijkstra (TV-commentator NOS).

Sauwens, Johan

How you can see on the photo the former Belgian Minister of Interior and Sports and now mayor of Bilzen Johan Sauwens likes also to come to Mallorca for cycling.

On the photo f. l. t. r.:
Wiel Roelofsen (sponsored by Rijwielhuis Jan Harings in Nuth, the Netherlands), Ann-Marie Sauwens-Festjens, Fred, Gerry van Gerwen, Johan Sauwens and Patrick Roelofsen of the well-known "Pro Team" from Limburg.

Ullrich, Jan

The German professional cyclist by exception, Olympic- and world champion, winner of the Tour de France, …, Jan Ullrich is very impressed as far as the world record of Fred Rompelberg - 268,8 km/h on a special bicycle behind a dragster on a dried up American salt lake - is concerned.

On the photo:
Fred with Jan Ullrich and Wim Cremers (tv-commentator).

Wellens, Bart

From beginners, hobby cyclists, juniors and amateurs to professional cyclists and even veritable world champions, they all like to come to the paradise of bike sports Mallorca (to the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team) again and again to prepare themselves for their contests because Mallorca keeps on being the most beautiful island for cycling not only in Europe but in the entire world! (a report of the respected cycle magazine Wieler-Revue so far).
One of them was the cross-specialist (frequent Belgian – and world champion) Bart Wellens.

Standing f. l. t. r.:
Willy Zelissen (former professional cyclist), Erwin Vervecken, Wim Jacobs, Wiel Crijns, Bart Wellens (world champion), Bertel Lousberg, Fred, Manfred Krikke (former-manager of PDM), Danny de Bie (world champion), Rien de Roon (world champion), Gert Wellens, Jan van Kuyk (masseur), Peter van Santfliet, Jan Aling (former professional cyclist).
Below f. l. t. r.:
Loek Mulder (journalist), Jurgen Krikke (businessman), Sten Raeymakers, Caroline de Laat (participant in the Tour de France feminine), Marc de Jong (offspring talent), Dr. Henk Vermeer, Tom Vermeer (offspring talent), Gerrie Vermeer, Mike Tchang, Rik Lintermans.

Zonneveld, Henk

The cycle racing team Van Vliet EBH Advocaten-Gazelle with its team leaders Henk Zonneveld and Iwan van Zandbeek regularly in spring comes for preparation to the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team to get themselves ready for the following cycle season. The sponsors Jan and Maria-Sofie Hiemstra, Marja and Cees van der Helm as well as Marion and Marc van Buytene sometimes accompany their team because even bike holidays on Mallorca are beyond compare.

The cycle racing team Van Vliet EBH Advocaten-Gazelle.
Standing f. l. t. r.:
Ronan van Zandbeek, Dirk Bellemakers, Angelo van Melis, Thomas Berkhout, Matthijs Delen, Maarten Mimpen, Fred, Marco Wesseling, Wilco Zuiderwijk, Kurt van Landeghem, Erwin Meijer, Erik de Cron, Ron Voogd, Henk Zonneveld and Iwan van Zandbeek.
Squatting f. l. t. r.:
Maria-Sofia Hiemstra, Tom Leezer, Martijn Maaskant, Jan Hiemstra, Rudy Vriend, Elsbeth Vink, Eddy van Ijzendoorn, Richard Slabbekoorn, Marja van der Helm, Joost van Leyen, Cees van der Helm, Marion van Buytene, Dennis Smit, Marc van Buytene and Rick Flens.

The cycle racing team Van Vliet-Gazelle 2002.
Standing f. l. t. r.:
Ron Voogd, Richard Slabbekoorn, Henk Zonneveld, Matthys Delen, Gerben van de Reep, John Sulkers, Fred, Wilco Zuiderwijk, Roy Spijker, Kris Kamper, Dennis de Jong, Martijn Stougje, Erwin Meyer, Rik Flens, Dennis van der Hurk.
Squatting f. l. t. r.:
Frans van de Bosch, Leon Notenboom, Werner van Zimmeren, Erik de Crom, Angelo van Melis, Marco Wesseling.