Ensuring the reservation of our hire bikes



Possibilities of reservation:

  • You can book your hire bike together with your journey. The confirmation of the journey will then be accompanied by the confirmation of the hire bike reservation.
  • Alternatively you can order your hire bike in writing by post, e-mail or better using the Reservation Form for racing- and sports bicycles on this website. In those cases your booking act is fixed without our written acknowledgement (in case of using the reservation form you get an automatically generated e-mail answer);
    to fulfil a reservation of electrical bicycles post an e-mail to Fred Rompelberg.
    • Address:
      Fred Rompelberg
      Volksbondweg 9
      NL-6214 AP Maastricht
      The Netherlands
      E-mail: Fred Rompelberg
  • Unconditionally the following data are necessary for postal or e-mail reservation:
    • Name and exact postal address,
    • racing bicycle or sports bicycle for women and gentlemen,
    • date of hire start,
    • date of hire finish,
    • pedal system (Look; "SPD"; baskets; own system),
    • frame size (in cm from centre of winch drive to centre of upper tube).
  • You can order a hire bike for the periods from 

    Monday till Sunday (daily)

    Spring 2017: 3 Februar till 
    11 June 2017

    Autumn 2017: 15 September till 
    29 Oktober 2017

    this is the period when the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team organises it's cycling sports holidays on Mallorca.

    • You can fill in our Reservation Form for racing- and sports bicycles during the whole year for the period mentioned above;
    • to fulfil a reservation of electrical bicycles post an e-mail to Fred Rompelberg.
  • In the Grupotel-hotels Taurus Park, Orient and Playa de Palma Suites & Spa and in the hotel Palma Bay Club a bike sports package is obligatory in combination with a hire bike!

Frame Size

And this is how you measure the correct frame size of your bicycle:
  • Indicate the distance from the centre of winch drive to the centre of the upper tube in cm, then you will receive an exactly fitting hire bicycle from us on Mallorca (this refers to conventional diamond-frames). If you are unsure, for instance referring to frames with so-called "sloping"-geometry, go to your bike trader and ask him to measure for you. Point out that you need this dimension for your hire bike from Fred Rompelberg on Mallorca.

    Fill in this mid-mid-dimension under “frame size”.

  • And here's a useful tip:
    Measure exactly the height of the saddle (upper edge above floor), so that we are able to adjust your bike for hire correctly. We will do our best concerning this.