The dates are optimally chosen for cycle holidays on Mallorca

Spring 2016 and Autumn 2016

In Spring 2016 and Autumn 2016 the period of the bicycle sports holidays
with the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team on Mallorca will be
  • Spring 2016: 29 January till 
    05 June 2016

    Autumn 2016: 16 September till 
    30 Oktober 2016

Taurus Park****
Playa de Palma****
Playa Golf****
Palma Bay Club***

Our season periods are optimally chosen for bike sports holidays:

  • End of January and February the weather is like springtime at home. Thousands of almond trees are flowering rose and white. In the southern half of the island – this is our position – generally the weather is better than in the north. Only sometimes you will have to put on a tricot with long sleeves and long bike trousers. Nearly all well known bike-professionals have a rendezvous here during that period. Coming now to increase your condition, you will be able to ride faster than your friends in springs at home.
  • In March the entire island is green and colourful from the springs flowers. The daily temperatures are ideal even for longer turns. We evade happening rain showers riding to those places, where the sky is still blue. You can find this situation mainly in the southeast if Mallorca. Afternoons we normally visit nice sunny terraces for agreeable coffee stops.
  • In April the island smells like an unique herb garden. This is pleasant for bike sportsmen, but car drivers can not notice that under their car roofs. If you prefer to undertake divers longer turns in summer at home or even the one or other competition or maybe a marathon distance, this will be the best time to increase your condition.
  • In May and beginning of June the temperatures are comparable to summer temperatures at home; for cycling activities it is not yet to hot. The guests visiting us in that period can already combine bike sports and bathing holidays insofar as colder water is not feared to much. But the skin is guaranteed to become brown from sunshine.

Cyclists group with flowering meadow in March. There is no reason by the way to come twice to us during springs to experience yourself the differences between the divergent periods; you will not be alone with that experiment.