Teamparty and Tiny's birthday on 6 December 2014 in hotel Van Der Valk in Maastricht


6 December was the reunion of the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team.

The pleasant and great news was that Letizia Rompelberg and her husband Jetse Scholma are joining the business in Mallorca of Tiny and Fred Rompelberg.
This is ofcourse a great thing, having 2 young peoplein the business, new ideas, new energy and possible expansion.
The meeting was of old, marvelous, at the hotel Van Der Valk in Maastricht.
Besides exchanging lots of information for the new season of 2015, everyone enjoyed a delicious dinnerbuffet.
Sinterklaas andhis Piet also came to visit and everyone had the chance to talk to Sinterklaas.

Here below are the photo's that were taken during this meeting by de bicyclephotographer Henk Theunz.