Teamparty 2007


December 2nd 2007 was the day of the Team/Tiny party.

Again it was a wonderful day, the first bicycle team members arrived already at 10 o'clock in the morning. Everyone was excited about seeing each other again. Unfortunately it was rainy during our excursion, but we all improvised and got acquainted with the beauty of Maastricht, with its old buildings and great shopping centres.

At 16.00 we all enjoyed a delicious dinner buffet, that was taken care of by the management, in particular the gentlemen Bartho van der Heijden, Carlo Lousberg and their colleagues, of hotel de Valk Maastricht. Around 22.30 the last bicycle team members, and ourselves, left  hotel de Valk Maastricht, it was simply a magnificent day, perhaps the next Team/Tiny day will be spent on Mallorca with the entire team!

Everyone was present, except for the following team members who could not make it due to circumstances:
Jacky van den Broek, Frank Ziemann, Ulrike Schwalbe, Stefan Brunner, Christian en Omer Debecker, Fritz Renold, Maud Jongen, Kristof, Kris & Diane Vollon, Ron & Francine Zijlstra, Emilie Jacobs, Harm & Gretha Hilverts, Uwe Gessler, Günther Jekubzik, Horst Steiner, Pie & Tans Rompelberg,

The pictures are shown below. Click on one of the photos for a larger view.