The Workplace
Cares for the technical service of the bicycles
In our workplace there are professional mechaniciens that rapair our bikes if needed.


If you have been to Mallorca with your own bike,

Can you come to our workplace for
minor repairs.
You need to take care of your
own replacement parts.

If your bike can not be repaird you can always
hire one of our top-bikes.








The openinghours of our Fred Rompelberg
Bicycle-Teams workplace can u find
here underneath

- Repairs are only done in de afternoon.

Monday till Sunday (Daily)

Spring 2017: February 3th till June 11th, 2017

 till 12:00u
 15:00u till 18:30u  

Autumn 2017: September 15th till October 29th, 2017

09:00u till 12:00u
15:00u till 18:00u