Our bike delivery service

Total convenience

We’ll deliver your rental bike to your accomodation.

Wherever you can go by car, we deliver to your apartment, hotel or finca.

Delivery and Pick-Up



With every delivery we will supply a maintenance kit (on a rental basis) consisting of: 

– sks floor pump 

– mini tool set 

– spare tubes and spare tires


Free: a container with Born ISO sportsdrink (makes 9 liters)



If you rent for more than 4 days, this free handy set is included with every rental bike:

– big Fred 268km water bottle (800 ml)
– Mallorca cycling map (2020 edition)
– Fred 268km napsack

You can also rent helmets with us.

Cycling stations

From our cycling stations we’ll deliver across the island to your accomodation. 

Delivery prices:
30 Euro + 1 Euro/minute travel time (according to Google maps) from Hotel Taurus to your location; in the period 12 Mar – 20 May Hotel Rei may also be taken as the starting point of a delivery tour.


And the best for last:

When you order our delivery service you can get up to 5% rebate on the rental price of your bikes. Inquire your price at our service team.