The current Covid-19 situation

Update 12-04-2021

Light at the end of the tunnel

Mallorca is experiencing the lowest infection rates in months and new vaccinations are carried out every day across Europe. Slowly light is visible at the end of the long, long Corona tunnel and we are very much looking forward to doing what we love so much: cycling with you in Mallorca.

Unfortunately, the developments in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany have been less favorable in recent weeks and non-essential travel is currently advised against. The same holds for the UK.  

Our team is ready for it and we are following developments closely to get started as soon as possible – but not too soon. Our bike rental service is open, most of our partner hotels are scheduled to open end of April and we are now focusing on the start of our full Full Service program around mid May.

When traveling to Spain, a recent negative PCR test is currently required to enter the country. Check the regulation of your local authorities for restrictions that apply to your journey back home.  

In Spain, wearing a mouth mask is currently compulsory on the street. Cafés and restaurants have their terraces open until 17:00. Cycling is possible without restrictions and without a mouth mask.


Update 20-02-2021

Bookings and vouchers.

Many guests have now booked for the coming period. Numerous guests have used the Corona vouchers provided by us and have already booked a new trip. Unfortunately we had to cancel the bookings for January, February and March 2021.

Our plan was to start again on April 1st, but as it stands now, that will not work due to Corona regulations. Cancellation of flights, closed hotels and travel bans. What a pity. So it looks like we will most likely have to cancel bookings for April this spring as well. It really is a terrible time, both for us as a tour operator and for the many enthusiastic guests.

As mentioned earlier, we have issued vouchers for all booked trips that have been canceled. We also do this for all trips that have yet to be canceled. We thank our customers for understanding and accepting these vouchers. 

Update 23-1-2021

Now that vaccination is underway, we hope that the end of the restrictions due to corona will also be in sight.


Update 3-9-2020 

At the moment there is a negative travel advice for Mallorca from most European countries. We therefore cancel all trips with a departure date up to and including 19 September. Guests who booked a trip during this period will receive a personal message about this via email.

Update 17-8-2020

The Coronavirus seems to be reviving in Europe. Germany and the Netherlands have just issued negative travel advice for Mallorca and large parts of Spain. 

We are currently investigating exactly what that means for the booked trips in the autumn and will keep you informed via this website, via our newsletter and via facebook. Guests who have booked a trip for this fall will receive an email within a few days. 

All the best for now and be safe.  

Family Rompelberg 
Tiny, Fred268km, Letizia and Jetse

Update 11-7-2020

Yes, we are open!

Our main station in Playa de Palma, in Hotel Taurus Park, will be open again from 1 July. So you can go here for your cycling holiday or rental bike. In everything we take into account the locally applicable measures and protocols for the tourism industry.

Despite everything, it is currently beautiful cycling in Mallorca! From July 4 to August 15 we organize cycling holidays in the French Alps. You are also very welcome there and we will of course take into account the measures.  

Below you can read our previous messages about Corona, concerning canceled trips last spring:


Last text update on 21-5-2020

The Corona virus (COVID-19) has a major impact on everyone’s lives. To contain the corona virus in Spain and Mallorca measures are being taken. These measures are slowly being relaxed, we are closely monitoring the developments.

Due to this situation, we now cancel all trips with start date up to and including 18th of June. Our bicycle rental will be closed as well.

To all guests with a start date of their trip from March 15th up to and including June 18th we offer two options:

  1. Free rebooking of your trip to a date later this year. There might be price differences which could be to your benefit or to your disadvantage. With every rebooking we will talk to the hotel and make sure that any additional cost can be limited. For maximum flexibility, we are extending our autumn season this year to the period from August 28 to November 22. Our bike rental is opened all year round – in normal circumstances.
  2. Compensation in the form of a “Coronavoucher” for 100% of the travel sum paid to us (flight, arrangement, rental bicycle, group tickets). The Coronavoucher – an initiative of the industry association ANVR and the guarantee fund SGR – was created to offer travelers adequate compensation and to enable travel organizations to survive this phase. This voucher is valid for bookings within 12 months after issue (the travel date may fall outside this period) and for all our travel products such as packages, bicycle rental and airline tickets. Trips booked with this voucher are covered by the SGR guarantee scheme.

We use the emailadress to communicatie with our guests about this matter.We will do our best to process rebookings and send the vouchers as soon as possible. Keep in mind that this can take a while because of the large number of requests. 

Was your cycling holiday planned with a start date between March 15 and May 31st? And haven’t you received an email yet? Then perhaps something technically went wrong. Send us an email via and we will be happy to help you.

Stay healthy and hopefully we see eachother soon on Mallorca.

Family Rompelberg

Tiny, Fred268km, Letizia and Jetse


 * More information about the Corona Voucher:

The current Corona crisis has a magnitude and an economic impact that has not yet occurred in post-war history. The travel industry is one of the hardest hit, because currently no trips can take place and there are hardly any trips booked. This poses enormous financial problems to the travel industry. Many costs have already been paid in advance, such as e.g. flights and hotels, and in our case e.g. also bicycles and clothing.

Normally, if your travel organization cancels your trip, you will get a refund. The law that protects you as a traveler is in this situations impossible to follow for travel organizations. There is no money to refund the canceled trips now. If travelers would now claim their money, travel organizations would fall over, employees would be on the street and many guests would be harmed.

As a solution to this impasse, guarantee fund SGR and travel industry organization ANVR have taken the initiative to introduce the Corona voucher. This voucher ensures that the traveler is not duped. After all, he retains the right to a future trip, to the value of the paid travel sum. On the other hand, the voucher prevents travel companies from falling over by the obligation to repay all booked trips. Due to its great social importance, the Corona voucher has received approval from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and from the regulator ACM, the Authority for Consumers and Markets.

With progressive insight and in consultation with the ANVR, we have decided not to pass on the previously announced administration costs upon handing in the Corona voucher to the guest. This means, as our guest, you retain the right to 100% of your paid travel sum. Moreover, because the value of the voucher falls under the cover of the SGR, your money is guaranteed for you as a traveler – Guarantee fund SGR pays for your trip or refunds your money should we as an organization go bankrupt.

The official and current travel advice for Spain