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Rent a bike Mallorca

Enjoy the comfort of a rental bike, with the quality you're used from your own bike!

If you're an cycling enthousiast, you need a quality bike, at home, but also when you're on holiday. Don't bother taking your own bike to Mallorca. We've got the solution for you.
Rent a first-class rental bike on Mallorca! Wheter you like an aluminium, Full-Carbon, Sports, Full-Carbon Di2 or E-Bike, we've got them all.
When you arrive on Mallorca, your bike is fitted for you, so you can enjoy as much as possible.

Rental bikes can be picked up at hotel Taurus Park in the spring and autumn.
Rental bikes can be picked up at hotel Jade in the summer and winter period.

For more information about picking up the rental bikes, click on: Service.

Rental bikes

Road bike Aluminum

Road bike Full Carbon

Road bike FUll Carbon Aero Di2

Sport bike


E-bike 27 kmh

City bike