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31 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 16:35
 Naam:j (EN)
 Bericht:Dear Fred, dear Tiny and dear Cycling-Team! Many thanks for a wonderful week on Mallorca. Again, your service was extremely affectionate and professional. Everything went magnifique. The trips with you were great and the weather made everything even nicer. We would love to return and we are looking forward to seeing each other again in March 2012!

32 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 16:35
 Naam:Jan Schut (NL)
 Bericht:Hello family Rompelberg, Your internet activities look perfect to me and you are making great progression with your organization.

33 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 16:34
 Naam:Koenraad AMEYS (BE)
 Bericht:We got back from Mallorca since last seek. Via this message I would like to thank you for the perfect organization and the very very nice holiday. Everything was perfectly organized. We are already looking forward to next year!! With kind regards, Koenraad AMEYS from Sint Katelijne Waver. Belgium.

34 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 16:34
 Naam:Patrick Wullepit (BE)
 Bericht:Hey Fred, Thanks again for the reservations and the great service! Everyone loved it.

35 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 16:33
 Naam:Ron Coenen (NL)
 Bericht:Hello Fred, Tiny, Peter, Dick-Jan, Eric and other team members. Via this message I would like to thank you again for all the good care, from the beginning till the end. This holiday was not only a holiday for me, but also a form of therapy after my cerebral infarction. A lot seems so logical, naturally and simple, but for me it's definitely not. Thanks to your help (I probably have been hard work some times) I can look back on a brilliant week. Merci, Merci, Merci. Ron Coenen, Heythuysen Nederland

36 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 16:33
 Naam:julien Hermans (NL)
 Bericht:Best greetings to the Rompelberg Team. We just got back from 10 days Mallorca. It was great again. I enjoyed it. Nice organization and great guidance. Theo, you did really well. And a veeeeery nice group. Our plans for 2013? Back to Rompelberg, what else could you think. Hopefully we may greet a lot of our (cycling) friends. Via this message also our greetings to Theo, Anja, Bart, Ludo, Erwin, Kees, Hannah. See you Fredje next year (alive and kicking) Julien Hermans.

37 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 14:32
 Naam:Ron Coenen (NL)
 Bericht:Hello Fred, I wish you, your family and the whole team a lovely quiet time! Enjoy! You gave me an amazing time. I still enjoy it almost every day. It meant so much to me, I can hardly express it in words. If my health allows it, you'll definitely see me again! Greetings, Ron Coenen Netherlands

38 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 12:38
 Naam:Bloem (NL)
 Bericht:Rented a race bike. I actually wanted to rent it for 10 days, but that was not possible, so I had to pay for 2 weeks 150 euro's. On top of this I got an old bike of 10 years old! Somewhere else on Mallorca great Merida's can be rented, much better and the newest models. My girlfriend had a Merida alu extra light somewhere else, only 120 euro's. The most annoying and old fashioned thing was that I had to leave my passport behind. I needed this for example for renting a car, checking in at the hotel. The letter of Rompelberg kept this until we returned the bike. This was different at another letter, we did have to legitimize, but a copy of our passport was enough.

39 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 12:33
 Naam:van den bosch patrick
 Bericht:Hello, Via this message I would like to thank all the team members for an unforgettable cycling holiday with you at Mallorca. The material and the cycling tours were perfectly organised. Thanks a lot on behalf of Chantal and me, and we will definitely see you again next year.

40 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 12:28
 Naam:Vorstenbosch Jos
 Bericht:Hello Fred, Tiny and all the staff. The past 10 days we, 24 members of Tourclub Nuenen, were guests on Mallorca. They have become, also thanks to your efforts, material and staff, fantastic cycling days. We made wonderful tours, we had a really nice stay in Jade and Playa Golf, great food and drinks. Good service, clean and also the weather was perfect. On behalf of all members thanks for the organisation and compliments for all the service.

41 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 12:25
 Naam:Jos Ballast
 Bericht:Hello Tiny and Fred. We just got back from a fantastic cyclingweek on the cycling paradise Mallorca. It was a formidable week, also thanks to the great care and attention from Werner and Peter. The Hotel Java was fantastic as well! Everybody enjoyed themselves a lot and we are looking forward to the many pictures and movies. See you next year? Team TC Gennep.

42 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 12:22
 Naam:Byttebier Patrick
 Bericht:Hello Fred and not to forget the team, we were on Mallorca for the second time and we experienced a wonderful week. Lots of congratulations for the organisation and the work of the team not to forget. It was fantastic. Hopefully till next year. Patrick - Dorine & Sarah.

43 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 12:16
 Naam:Dean Wijnandts
 Bericht:We had a fantastic cycling holiday on the cycling island Mallorca with the organisation of Fred Rompelberg 268km with his Fred Rompelberg Bicycle Team, led by Letizia Rompelberg and Jetse Scholma. Fantastic! Dean Wijnandts from Bunde.

44 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 12:13
 Naam:Patrick DeBremaeker
 Bericht:Dear Fred! Last week we had the pleasure to travel to Mallorca again to enjoy a fantastic ROMPELBERG cycling holiday again. The fact that this was our 9th time says enough. Every time a very neat organisation with a very well organised staff. On top of this we were witnesses of the fact that your organisation will be continued by a new generation and I would like to congratulate you with this. Your daughter Letizia and your son in law Jetse are very very enthousiastic and do everything to comfort the guests with a nice smile. A fresh breeze in an organisation who was already established a long time ago makes everything complete! THEREFORE LOTS OF CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE WHOLE FRED ROMPELBERG TEAM!!!!! After all those years this should be emphasized.

45 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 12:12
 Naam:Femke Heijting
 Bericht:Dear Fred Rompelberg and Team, yesterday we, the six ladies of TWC 't Verzetje from Bemmel, returned from 5 days at Mallorca. Via this message we would like to thank you for all the great care. We really liked the reception by the team and the smooth course of action when picking up and returning the bikes. We cycled really nicely on very well maintained and tuned bikes. What we really liked is this: We let the team advise us on which cycling routes we should take. We told them which distances we like to cycle in the Netherlands and which heaviness. Based on this the team gave us two really nice routes that connected really well with our whishes for that day. Great compliments for this! In conclusion: we really enjoyed ourselves. Plans to return to Mallorca next year are already there. Thanks again, with kind regards, Anita Bouter, Bea Knorth, Christine Vilier, Lonneke Aanraad, Trees Visser en Femke Heijting.

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