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Bericht schrijven



76 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 15:07
 Naam:Leen van der Linden
 Bericht:Fred, this is really great!! I am cycling without effort 30 till 40 km. I still have to practice for your 268.36589 km/h, but you have to watch out for your record.

Kind regards,


77 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 15:06
 Naam:Stefanie Bode-Schulze
 Bericht:Good afternoon sir Rompelberg,

Thank you for the information and the bike has indeed arrived yesterday. I am completely enthusiastic and glad with the bike. The bike looks great. I have set up the bike and driven my first kilometres this morning. Completely fantastic!
Thank you for the service and goodbye.

Kind regards,

Stefanie Bode-Schulze

78 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 15:05
 Naam:Jef Henquet
 Bericht:Dear Fred, Tiny and the whole crew.

We visited you in week 15, from 3 till 10 Mai. I agree completely with the beautiful words of Harry Stamps from Sassenheim. I was magnificent. Keep up the good work.

79 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 15:03
 Naam:Gerard Angioy
 Bericht:Hello Fred,

Today, I have received the signed photographs you sent me- they are truly FANTASTIC !!! - I was not expecting 5 signed photo's and a signed email - you are very generous indeed

80 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 15:02
 Naam:Harry Stamps
 Bericht:Dear Fred and Tiny,

In the end of April / the beginning of May I spent a week with you on Mallorca. As one of the cyclists in the Klaas Balk group I stayed in Hotel Orient. I would like to thank you for the lovely week and perfect stay.

It is fun to go off with friends (without wife and children for a change) for a week for a sportily vacation in the sunshine.

81 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 15:00
 Naam:Jan Langen
 Bericht:Hi Fred,

Hereby I would like to thank you for keeping the agreement.
I admire you for doing everything in your power to satisfy your customers, even in very busy times. That is something I haven

82 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 15:00
 Naam:Jan Brandenburg and Rita van Houwelingen
 Bericht:Hi there in Mallorca, I want to thank your team heartily for the beautiful week. Nothing but credit for the entire team, we will definitely come back next year.
Best wishes to everyone,

Jan Brandenburg and Rita van Houwelingen from Goes, The Netherlands

83 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 14:58
 Naam:Wim Oosterom

Thanks a lot to you and your team for the once again great caring last week. It was great, everything was taken care of.
I am already looking forward to the next cycling vacation in 6 weeks.

Wim Oosterom, The Netherlands

84 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 14:58
 Naam:Jan Langen
 Bericht:Dear Fred and Tiny,

I would like to thank you for the perfect cycling holiday I had from 12 to 19 March in hotel Taurus Park on Mallorca.
It is a very decent and neat hotel, without any shortcomings. What I noticed particularly was the efforts to please the customers in any way possible.
I can recommend anyone to book a cycling holiday with the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle Team.

Fred en Tiny, I will definitely come back in the next years with my cycling friends.

See you,
Jan Langen, Kerkrade, The Netherlands

85 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 14:56
 Naam:van Hegelsom, Ivar
 Bericht:Hello Tiny and Fred,
many thanks for the instruction manual.
I enjoy the bicycle very much, it runs perfectly and changing gears is also easy.
Kind regards,
Ivar van Hegelsom from Elsloo.

86 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 14:54
 Naam:Anouk, Wessel and Ingrid
 Bericht:Hello Fred,
we never anticipated that buying of a bicycle could be so amusing. Thank you very much for being greeted so friendly and of course for the delicious vlaai (fruit pie especially dispensed in a Limburgian manner).
Best regards
Anouk, Wessel and Ingrid.

87 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 14:53
 Naam:de Ruiter, Maarten
 Bericht:Hello Fred,
the bicycle has indeed been delivered yesterday and it looks very beautiful. I have just found the instructions for the Sigma bicycle-computer at the internet and I expect it to run very well with this manual. Thank you very much for the smooth processing; if it

88 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 14:51
 Naam:Ton van der Palen
 Bericht:Dear Fred,

Thanks for sending my bike, it looks great! I have already driven on it, perfect!
Thanks for the good service, my compliments, and I can recommended you to everybody!

See you,

Ton van der Palen

89 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 14:51
 Naam:Rudy Godding
 Bericht:Hi Fred,

I have driven on the bike yesterday. The bike is riding perfect.

90 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 14:50
 Naam:Nol van Pol
 Bericht:GRANDIOSE!!! I thought I am going to make a reservation for a bike at Fred for a period of 3 weeks. Comes out that during a certain period all bikes are already reserved. To my great surprise calls Fred my personally to explain a few things and that he will try to arrange after all a bike. Check that!!! Dear Fred, whatever the results will be, the gesture alone is already grandiose. See you the 9th of April, greetings to Tiny and already thanks. Nol van Pol

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