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106 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 14:05
 Naam:Harland, Bas
 Bericht:Dear Fred,
I have received the bicycle with all the trimmings and cannot but say that it looks phenomenal. It was very attentive that because of a small damage of the handle bar ribbon you sent a new one along. Meanwhile I had my first tour and as you predicted and I totally agree it rides great!

107 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 14:04
 Naam:vd Boom, Alex
 Bericht:Hi Fred and Tiny,
I wanted to let you know that the bike is excellent. I already cycled 1000 km; I started immediately after my holidays.
Once again thank you for your hospitality.
Greetings, Alex vd Boom from Oss.

108 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 14:02
 Naam:Melotte, Edwin
 Bericht:Hello Fred,
the bicycle arrived in a proper condition yesterday. It is a beautiful bicycle indeed; and now it is about time for some good weather! And the bicycle is even lighter than I remembered from Mallorca.
Thank you for your enormous dedication and further on good results and good luck in Maastricht and on Mallorca.
Greetings Edwin Melotte from Amsterdam.

109 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 13:59
 Naam:van Ruitenbeek, Jan Peter
 Bericht:Hello Fred,
the bicycle was delivered already today. It is a nice bike and I am indeed very happy with it. I will soon visit Peter Post to show him the bike.
I have already bought SPD pedals and driven the first 40 km yet.
After some fine tuning the bike will be completely top.
Thanks for the good business and maybe we will see each other on Mallorca.
Kind regards, Jan Peter van Ruitenbeek from Amstelveen.

110 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 13:57
 Bericht:Hello Fred and Tiny,
last Friday I received my bicycle precisely on the forecast date. In the meantime I have already been cycling 85 km. My experiences are very positive:
The frame size is exactly suitable to my body height, all settings are correctly completed and the whole bicycle is in a condition as good as new. In short I am a satisfied client.
Best regards,
F(r)i(e)ts Balj

111 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 13:55
 Naam:Frodl, Thomas
 Bericht:Hi Fred Rompelberg,

The bike has arrived and our son Andreas is very pleased. The bike looks superb. Andreas can hardly wait to cycle on his new bicycle.
We still have to buy pedals and shoes, and then when the weather gets better he can ride it.

Kind regards and thanks for the bike

Thomas Frodl

112 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 13:53
 Naam:Nuijens, Thijs
 Bericht:Dear Fred and Tiny,
the first rounds on my new bicycle have been ridden. It is such a delightful bike! I really appreciate the way you welcomed me last Friday and helped me adjusting the saddle and handlebar.
But I still have one more question. Last Friday Tiny and I talked about the manual for the bike computer but in the end though, we forgot about it. Please be so kind as to send the manual along with the handlebar parts.
Many thanks in advance,
kind regards,
Thijs Nuijens from Delft.

113 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 13:50
 Naam:Scheijen, Michiel
 Bericht:Hello Fred and Tiny,
last week, after good advice from Fred, I bought my first racing bicycle. I should have decided on that ten years before.
By now I made a couple of rides through the Limburgian hills and I must say I enjoyed it very much.
The bicycle drives fantastic, changing gears is very easy, and I had already several positive reactions concerning the bicycle.
In short, thank you very much for the good advice and of course for the delicious pie of fruit and coffee.
With sporty greetings
Michiel Scheijen from Maastricht.

114 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 13:46
 Naam:Conradie, Rinse
 Bericht:Hello Fred,
I received the two bicycles on Saturday afternoon in a very good condition. My first impression: fantastic. I went for a test ride of 40 km immediately and everything worked perfectly, great.
My brother-in-law Dick is also very happy about his new bike. We ride very often together as a preparation for the new ice-skating season.
Thank you very much for the quick and very good transaction of our order. If we have any questions, we know where to find you.
Good luck with all your activities and hopefully we will learn next year from the media that your (last?) record attempt has been completed successfully. Up to 280 km/h!
Rinse Conradie from Zaandam,
Dick van de Geer from Koog aan de Zaan.

115 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 13:45
 Naam:Langelaar, Broes
 Bericht:Hello Fred,
I received the bicycle in an excellent condition. Saturday I made a little test ride and I can say it rides wonderful.
Thanks a lot for the beautiful bike and the good care.
Friendly greetings,
Broes Langelaar from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

116 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 13:42
 Naam:van Stekelenburg, Vincent
 Bericht:Hello Fred,
the bike rides delicious. It is a very nice bicycle. Thank you very much.
I printed the documents from Sigma and I will study them this evening.
Thanks again and possibly I see you again.
Vincent van Stekelenburg from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

117 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 13:40
 Naam:Meindersma, Nienke
 Bericht:Hello Fred,
I am very glad with the bike. I have already driven some kilometres.
Also Yvonne told me to say hi.
And I have just received the gearing with the 12/27. Thanks a lot, I am going to try them very soon.
Best regards,
Nienke Meindersma from Vlaardingen.

118 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 13:39
 Naam:Stikkelbroeck, Robert
 Bericht:Hello Fred and Tiny,
last Saturday I visited you to buy a bicycle. Where can you nowadays buy a bike so nice and good, with particular attention to the correct frame size and the essential settings of the bicycle, a free taxi ride by Tiny to the bank and last but not least the delicious pie and coffee. Furthermore you learn the great story about the fantastic world record of Fred with 167 mph on a special bicycle.
I gave the bike a chance immediately when I got home on Saturday afternoon. It is great indeed and I can recommend such a bicycle to everybody.
Sincerely yours,
Robert Stikkelbroeck from Venlo.

119 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 13:38
 Naam:van Gemert, Rien
 Bericht:Dear Fred and Tiny,
many thanks for the extensive and pleasant welcome on August 11th 2007, this was real Limburgian hospitality. It was the ride of 250 km completely worth.
The next day I have cycled 48 km delightfully. Now I must keep on training until April next year when I am going to ride the Amstel Gold Race over 100 km with some colleagues of the company where I work (Overtoom). We are supported, so maybe you will see us. Before starting this race I will certainly go to Limburg to ride the real mountains of the Netherlands.
I will call beforehand but I am afraid you will be in Spain at that time.
Thanks again and a lot of success furthermore.
Best regards Rien van Gemert from Geesteren.

120 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 13:36
 Naam:Berger, Paul
 Bericht:Dear mister Rompelberg,
hereby you get my email address. I have already received the instruction for the cycling computer from my father Louk. I am very pleased with the bicycle indeed. Unfortunately I have to wait until next week before I can cycle, because I have to deliver my thesis this week yet.
Many thanks for the very special welcome.
Kind regards, Paul Berger from Amsterdam.

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