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136 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:59
 Naam:Paul Ehrhardt
 Bericht:Halli Hallo we are looking forward to our already booked cycling holidays in April in Mallorca because we think we will have a great time there like other years with a beautiful weather and no crashes.

We are making publicity in Germany because a cycling holiday with Rompelberg is the best.

Kind regards to Fred 268 km and a special greeting to his whole team.

Paul Ehrhardt from H

137 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:57
 Naam:Hubert Carnol
 Bericht:Dear Fred,

We have had a wonderfull week with you in Mallorca. The team was super and the bikes and meals in the hotel were first class. We have enjoyed ourselves with serveral rides with a competent group leader.

Kind regards from East Belgium,

Hubert Carnol

138 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:56
 Naam:Arlette and Hubert Carnol
 Bericht:Dear Tiny, Dear Fred, Hello the two of you,

This morning the post man came to our house with a small package with the sender Fred Rompelberg.

To our big surprise there was a cute little mouse in it with good wishes. We immediately brought the package to the parents and the parents Jacqueline and Werner and also grandmother Arlette and grandfather Hubert and last but not least Manuel, want to thank you all very much. Later I will tell Manuel he got this little present from aunt Tiny and uncle Fred. Now he still prefers the breast of his mother. Again thanks very much, it was a big surprise and a beautiful, unexpected gesture. Sure we will meet again next year. Please stay healthy till then.

Friendly greetings, Arlette and Hubert Carnol from Eupen, Belgie.

139 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:55
 Naam:Ben Gaal
 Bericht:Dear Fred, Tiny and team,

In the beginning of October we have visit you for one week. We would like to thank you all for this beautiful week by sending this message. We enjoyed all parts, good hotel, beautiful surrounding, very nice weather and a fantastic team of Fred Rompelberg Cycling Holidays. All the complements and see you next year for sure.

Kind regards,
Nordcargo Team
Ben Gaal Klundert, the Netherlands

140 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:54
 Naam:Pieter Uvin
 Bericht:The bike is superb, Fred thanks a lot!

Pieter Uvin, Erembodighem from Belgium

141 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:53
 Naam:Jan Mateja
 Bericht:Dear Fred,

I want to thank you for a fantastic week at Mallorca. The service from your team was super, the bikes were functioning great and the guides were top as well.

Thanks a lot

142 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:52
 Naam:The men of TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg
 Bericht:Hello Fred, Tiny and the rest of the crew, thanks a lot!

We want to thank you for a fantastic cycling week on Mallorca.

The bikes and guidance were SUPER. The only unsatisfactory thing was the low temperature, but we won

143 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:51
 Naam:Kees Jan van Toledo
 Bericht:Hi Fred,

We would like to thank you for the hospitality and support with Richard.
Great again!

144 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:50
 Bericht:Dear Fred, Dear Tiny and dear Cycling Team!

Thank you very much for the wonderful week on Mallorca.
Your service was again super heartily and professional.
Everything was magnificent.
The tours with your guides were great and the weather made everything more nice.
We like to come again

145 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:48
 Naam:Christian Brumeisl
 Bericht:Hello Fred and team,

Thanks a lot for the fantastic holiday with the super organization.

146 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:48
 Naam:Koenraad Ameys
 Bericht:We returned from Mallorca last week and would like to thank you for the perfect organization and the great holiday.
Everything was perfect. We are looking forward to next year!!
Kind regards,
Koenraad Ameys from Sint Katelijne Waver, Belgium

147 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:46
 Naam:Patrick Wullepit
 Bericht:Hi Fred,

Thanks again for the reservation and good service! Everybody was enthusiastic again

148 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:45
 Naam:Ron Coenen
 Bericht:Hello Fred, Tiny, Peter, Dick-Jan, Eric and the other teammembers.

I like to thank you once again for your good care, from the start till the end. This holiday wasn't only just a holiday but also a kind of therapy after my cerebral infarct.
Everything seems logical and simple, but that isn't the case for me. Thanks to your support (probably I've been difficult for you sometimes) I can look back to a great week.

Merci, merci, merci,

Ron Coenen, Heythuysen Nederland

149 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:44
 Naam:Ron Coenen
 Bericht:Hello Fred,

I wish you, your family and the whole team a wonderful quiet time! Enjoy it!
You gave me an amazing time on Mallorca.
I still enjoy it almost every day. It meant so much to me, I can not describe it in words.

When my health allows me, you will see me back for sure!

Ron Coenen, The Netherlands

150 - Geplaatst: 13-03-2015 @ 11:43
 Naam:Riny Pleij
 Bericht:I would like to tell you that I finished as first Master in the mountainrace in Wageningen.
Thanks a lot for the good visit and thanks to Tom Marcelis, groupleader of the speedgroup.
He was a great leader with a fresh look.

Kind regards,

Riny Pleij, The Netherlands

Thanks to Tiny and Tiziana as well.

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