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16 - Geplaatst: 19-03-2015 @ 12:53
 Naam:Peter Annaart (NL)
 Bericht:Cycled with Fred already for the second time now! Great bikes technically OK. A friendly reception and put on our bikes really nicely! Also many congratulations for the guides (especially little Fred) who take you to the most beautiful places on the island! Peter Annaart, Wacthebeke, Belgium

17 - Geplaatst: 19-03-2015 @ 12:53
 Naam:Lilian en Wil Paulissen (NL)
 Bericht:Hello Fred and the rest of the Team, Nice to see my picture on your website. It was a very nice week with beautiful routes and a great group. Thanks again to the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle Team. For the prefect adjustment of my bike and the great guidance during our cycling week with our team leader, Peter Janssen. We are making plans for spring 2012 to be again (for the third time) with the team from

18 - Geplaatst: 19-03-2015 @ 12:27
 Naam:Pieter Uvin (BE)
 Bericht:Bike is great, Fred thanks! Pieter Uvin Erembodighem Belgium

19 - Geplaatst: 19-03-2015 @ 12:19
 Naam:Arlette en Hubert Carnol (BE)
 Bericht:Dear Tiny, dear Fred, hello both of you, This morning our mail carrier rang our bell with a package from Fred Rompelberg. To our surprise in it was a very cute mouse with many happy wishes. We immediately took the package to the parents and the parents Jacqueline and Werner as well as grandmother Arlette and grandfather Hubert and of course Manuel would like to thank you sincerely. Later on I will tell Manuel that he got this cute mouse from his aunt Tiny and his uncle Fred. We will definitely meet again next year. Please stay healthy untill then. Kind regards from Arlette and Hubert Carnol from Eupen Belgium.

20 - Geplaatst: 19-03-2015 @ 12:08
 Naam:Ben Gaal (NL)
 Bericht:Dear Fred, Tiny and guides, At the beginning of october we came to you with a couple of persons for one week. Via this message we would like to thank you for a fantastic week. We enjoyed everythings, great hotel, beautiful surroundings, very lovely weather and a fantastic Fred Rompelberg cycling holidays team. Many compliments and definitely till next year. Kind regards, Nordcargo Team Ben Gaal Klundert from the Netherlands

21 - Geplaatst: 19-03-2015 @ 11:57
 Naam:Fernand Bossaerts (NL)
 Bericht:Dear Fred, Via this email i would like to thank you again for the lovely holiday you arranged for us. Beautiful hotel, great bike service and 3 out of 4 days we had sunny weather. I got to make beautiful cycling tours, flat tours as well as tours with many slopes. We are glad we got to taste this beautiful holiday cycling island. We will definitely be back. With thanks and kind regards, Fernand Bossaerts

22 - Geplaatst: 19-03-2015 @ 11:44
 Naam:Jan Mateja (NL)
 Bericht:Dear Fred, I would like to thank you for a fantastic week, which I spent on Mallorca. The service from the team was super, the bikes functioned fine and the guides were excellent. Thanks a lot, we definitely will be back. Kind regards, Jan Metja

23 - Geplaatst: 19-03-2015 @ 11:43
 Naam:Max Mol (NL)
 Bericht:I would like to thank you for everything you did for me during this fantastic cycling week! I would like to let you know that I got my first victory thanks to you and I would like to ask you if to tell Jan Poelmans about this. Thanks in advance, Max Mol Breda, the Netherlands

24 - Geplaatst: 19-03-2015 @ 11:43
 Naam:Christian Brumeisl (DE)
 Bericht:Hello Fred and team, Thanks a lot for the fantastic holiday with a super organization. I really enjoyed myself and will be back soon. Greetings, Christian Brumeisl from Biessenhofen, Germany

25 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 16:45
 Naam:Kees Jan van Toledo (NL)
 Bericht:Hi Fred, We would like to thank you for all your hospitality and all the support with Richard. Fantastic weather!

26 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 16:43
 Naam:Riny Pleij (NL)
 Bericht:Via this message I would like to tell you I became first Master at the mountain race in Wageningen. Thanks a lot for the great reception and thank Tom Marcelis, speedy group leader again for me. He was a great guide with a fresh appearance. Greetings, Riny Pleij the Netherlands Also Tiny and Tiziana thanks for all your help.

27 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 16:42
 Naam:Roel (NL)
 Bericht:Dear Team Rompelberg, Thanks a lot for the message below. It's a well appreciated gesture! Unfortunately I had to return earlier this time due to family conditions. Via this message I would like to sincerely thank Tiny, Fred and the other team members. They were my support in a difficult time. Fortunately I could return home very soon and I was able to visit my mother in the hospital. Although I had to return unexpectedly, I can look back on 10 beautiful cycling days in Mallorca and I would also like to thank my guides Chris, Jan, Theo and group members. It was nice to be your guest again. Everything perfectly organized in relaxed harmony and sociability. With kind regards, Roel

28 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 16:40
 Naam:Ruijters, Joris (BE)
 Bericht:Dear Fred and Tiny, Thanks a lot for the friendly reception, the coffee, and the cake and the great bike. Piet and Danielle Behets-Schaekers from KESSEL-LO Belgium.

29 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 16:36
 Naam:Harry Oosterveen en Catharina van Gorp (NL)
 Bericht:Dear Fred, We just got back since a couple of weeks, so we can't make it this last week, but it was very good and we are looking forward to come back later. We do hope that there would be a group than in between the quiet/plausch group and the hobby group. The speed of the quiet group was fine, but the distances could be a little longer, more like those of the hobby group. With kind regards, Harry Oosterveen and Catharina van Gorp from the Netherlands.

30 - Geplaatst: 16-03-2015 @ 16:35
 Naam:Brigitte en Omer Meloen Caekaert
 Bericht:Here is an email from Brigitte and Omer Meloen Caekaert from Belgium. First of all I would like to thank you for the brilliant organization, and also many thanks to all the guides and all the members of the team, also for you Fred. How you came to say good morning at our table during breakfast. Or when you came by our dinner table to ask how our day was. That give people a great feeling. Fred, I'm very happy I experienced this, i know it wasn't the last time and I hope to be there again next year, it was fantastic. Fred, thanks again, for making sure I didn't have to walk so many stairs in the hotel. Not for me, but for my wife Brigitte, who doesn't dare to go in an elevator, thanks Fred. Fred, yesterday Sunday I went cycling, at the W.A.O.D. in the place Oost-Eeklo. I was 10th out of the 34 participants. And who did I run into, yes Jan Poelman. Jan came second in the sprint with 245 participants. Fred, let's hope we meet again next year. Thank you Fred. Many sportive greetings from Brigitte, Omer Meloen Caekaert from Belgium.

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