Ordering Procedure

On this page you'll find information in how to order a

  • brand new racing bicycle "Fred Rompelberg (268 km/h)" for
    € 1598,-
  • At this moment are all 2nd hand bicycles sold out.
    Half June 2017 there will be 2nd hand bicycles coming from Mallorca, if you are interested, please mail us from 20 May 2017 for a 2nd hand bike and we will reserve that bike for you.
  • To order a bicycle, you'll have to send an e-mail to Fred Rompelberg.
    Mention the following:
    - Order bicycle "Fred Rompelberg (268 km/h)" -
    add the following information:You will receive a confirmation of your order within 4 weekdays.
    • First name and family name,
    • street name and house number,
    • postal code,
    • place of residence,
    • telephone number,
    • cell phone number (if you have any),
    • e-mail address,
    • if applicable a different delivery address,
    • new racing bicycle,
    • frame size,
    • desired frame colour,
    • whether you want your own name printed on the frame.
  • After order and payment the bicycle can be provided after 12 workdays, you can pick up your bike by us in Maastricht.

Sales Conditions

The following conditions apply to the order:
  • The order must show definitely, whether you want a
    • new racing bicycle
  • With the order the desired colour has to be declared,
  • When ordering the bicycle, you indicate which Frame Size you want and make for a racing bicycle a prepayment of € 480,- for a new racebike.
  • After the bicycle is assembled, the final payment is due to be transferred,
    • new racing bicycle: € 1118 (remaining sum)
    • Fred Rompelberg, Maastricht
      SNS Bank, Eijsden, Nederland
      account number: 87 45 98 699
      IBAN-Code: NL28SNSB0874598699
      BIC / SWIFT-Code: SNSBNL2A
  • When there is fully paid for the bicycle, the bike can be picked up by us in Maastricht.
  • When picking a bike and trying out a bike in Maastricht, you can take the bike right after payment.
  • If you like, we can send you an invoice for purchasing the bicycle. Lots of companies have some sort of bicyle plan with which the company pays (partially) for your bicycle.


New Racebike from the Fred Rompelberg Bicycle-Team - € 1598.-