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Road bikes DI2

We have sold 240 bikes, there are some bikes left as follows:

FULL CARBON AERO Di2 that we still can sell are bicycles for persons with the following body lengths:
162 - 172 cm.
172 - 178 cm.
178 - 182 cm.

If interested, mail to: fredrompelberg@planet.nl or call 00 31 6 109 07 403.

To keep our rental bikes always in a good shape, we sell a part of our rental bicycles every year.

These bicycles have been used around 1.5 years and maintained weekly by our mechanics.


The bikes come with a warranty, just as a new bike!

All racebikes DI2 are fully checked and delivered with:

- Full Shimano Ultegra compact group. The wheels are assembled with Shimano Ultegra.


- Gearing 2 x 11 being: 52/36 chain rings and 11-28 behind.


- Saddle bag


- Bikepump


- Cycle-Computer


- 2 Bidons


+ Optional with pedals for: € 20, - per set: SPD + SPD-SL + Look + Look Keo.


Guarantee: 1 year warranty on the purchase of the bicycle.

- Click on the red text to see the corresponding bike!

Rennrad Full Carbon Di2  2017 € 1.798,-
Rennrad Full Carbon Di2  2017 € 1.798,-
Rennrad Full Carbon Di2  2018 € 2.548,-

Sales and reservation:

To buy a bike, send an email: fredrompelberg@planet.nl with the subject:

Sale of bicycle with:

- Your name

- Desired frame size (measured center-top, middle crank-top-standing tube)

- Body length.

You can make an appointment by telephone or by mail.

No bicycles are shipped, the bicycles have to be picked up in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Phone number: + 31 6 109 07 403 or mail: fredrompelberg@planet.nl

Road bikes DI2Road bikes DI2Road bikes DI2