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We offer group rides up to 7 days a week, scroll further down this page for the exact offer. You ride together with one of our ride leaders, in a group with up to 14 participants. Every day you will ride on the most beautiful roads and discover new parts of Mallorca.

Easy Riders (Cappuccino)

The “Easy Riders” group is for the (novice) cyclist, who enjoys the scenery, being outdoors and especially appreciates a good café con leche on a beautiful terrace.

Distance of tours: 50 – 60 km

Average speed: +/- 20 km/h

Grupetto (Plausch)

Want to cycle in a quiet group and especially enjoy active exercise, scenery and fun?

Distance of tours: 60 – 70 km

Average speed: 20 – 24 km/h

Peloton (Hobby)

The peloton is for the cyclist with a good basic condition, who is looking for something more challenging (hills).

Tour distances: 90 – 110 km

Average speed: 24 – 27 km/h

Pacers (Tour)

Among the pacers riders, things are a bit more ambitious in terms of distance and speed.

Tour distances: 110 – 130 km

Average speed: 27 – 30 km/h

Breakaway (Speed)

The breakaway is for fast cyclists, who seek challenge and want to work on their fitness to the maximum.

Tour distances: 120 – 140 km

Average speed: 30+ km/h

7 reasons to cycle with a group

  1. Our group leaders know how to find the most beautiful spots on the island!
  2. It is motivating to hang out with a group of the same level.
  3. Out together, home together. We help and motivate each other along the way, even during the tougher trials.
  4. In case of a technical failure, you will be helped immediately.
  5. Thanks to one of our enthusiastic instructors, you will not get lost under guidance.
  6. Every day, we dish up Mallorca’s best cycling routes. These can be along the coast or through the breathtaking mountains.
  7. All routes are tailored to the level of the group.

Practical infos on group rides

  • Group rides in the spring are held on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. At the Playa de Palma there are also rides on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the period from Mar. 15 – May 26.
  • The tours leave from the Service Center in Grupotel Taurus Park (Playa de Palma) and Rei del Mediterrani (Playa de Muro).
  • Departure times are between 09:00 and 10:00.
  • Each group ride for Rompelberg guests are €8,- p.p. per ride. The Sa Calobra and Puig Major package already includes 1 group ride.
  • For non-Rompelberg guests, participation in a group ride is €20,- p.p. per ride.

Playa de Palma

Group rides are organised:

Feb. 11, 2024 through March 13, 2024: 5 days a week (Mon, Di, Do, Fri, Sun)
March 14, 2024 to May 19, 2024: 7 days per week
May 20, 2024 through June 8, 2024: 5 days a week (Mon, Di, Do, Fri, Sun)

September 8, 2024 to October 26, 2024: 5 days a week (Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sun)

Playa de Muro

Group rides are organised:

10 March 2024 to 18 May 2024: 5 days a week (Mon, Di, Do, Fri, Sun)

September 22, 2024 to October 19, 2024: 5 days a week (Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sun)