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Mallorca Cycling Holidays | Explore Mallorca on a Bike

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of Mallorca. From the rugged Tramuntana mountains to the serene azure coastlines, our cycling holidays offer an escape into a world where every pedal brings a new discovery. Ready for an adventure that combines fitness, exploration, and relaxation?

Cycling in Mallorca

Discover Mallorca on Two Wheels

Mallorca is amongst the most popular holiday destinations and captivates with its vast beaches and unique nature. If you want to switch off from everyday life through sports, cycling on this Balearic Island is the perfect choice. A cycling holiday in Mallorca delights couples and families just as much as clubs, offering tours of varying difficulties across different parts of the island. With our bike rental service, you not only rent suitable bikes, from racing bikes to touring bikes, but we also assist you in planning your cycling trip and advise you on what to look out for during your tours with your rental bike.

Mallorca – The Ideal Destination for Your Cycling Holiday

The Balearic Island of Mallorca offers more than just beaches, sand, and nightlife. More and more nature enthusiasts are exploring all parts of the island, immersing themselves in the nature and culture of Mallorca. Whether in the flatter south or the mountainous north, cycling trips in Mallorca are a sporty and nature-close experience. Learn more about the beauty of Mallorca on our Mallorca page.

For your cycling holiday in Mallorca, we have the right bikes to suit your and your friends’ and family’s preferences. From racing bikes for ambitious riders to MTBs, e-bikes, and classic men’s or women’s bikes, our road bike rental service and bike hire options offer everything you need for great excursions with a rental bike. This naturally includes our children’s bikes for boys and girls of all ages.

Rental Bikes for You, Your Family and Your Companions

If you wish to rent bikes from us, please get in touch early and describe your needs. We are happy to reserve the desired bikes for you and ensure you can start your adventure right away. Whether on-site or by phone, we advise you on which models are suitable for your cycling holiday in Mallorca.

The well-signposted network of paths across the island will significantly ease the planning of your tours. Of course, you can also pick up tips from us on where your cycling trips in Mallorca could go. From tours for experienced cyclists to leisurely family outings, we know the right routes and ensure your cycling holiday in Mallorca is a fantastic experience for everyone involved.

During Guided Cycling Tours, Discover the Charme of Mallorca

If you’re visiting Mallorca for the first time and want to have the island’s highlights shown to you by bike, book a guided tour with your bike rental. Our friendly guides are happy to take you through the landscapes of Mallorca or show you which beaches are particularly accessible by bike.

Of course, even those familiar with Mallorca can book a tour with our bike rental to avoid worrying about route planning. Depending on your accommodation and the duration of the bike rental, we start the planned tour directly at your Hotel or Finca.

For more information and to secure your bikes today, Contact Us. Our team looks forward to you and ensuring you enjoy your holiday on the sunny island of Mallorca, whether sporty or relaxed.