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We proudly present a new bike partner for our company and for our guests. From March 2023 on we will start presenting and renting bikes from the Italian premium bike manufacturer Wilier Triestina



We discussed for a long time, asking ourselves what’s the better way to test our bikes. And now we have the answer: experiencing our products in the most favorable cycling terroir on Mallorca and during peoples’ holidays is the best way to present our bikes. 

Cyclists from all over Europe will have the chance not only to look and see our bikes but also to feel them when putting them to the test. Wilier Triestina’s style is the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. But it also stands for safety and reliability when performing at the highest levels, this is the feedback we get from our professional partner like Astana and we want to share it with the largest number of cycling lovers.  Therefore, we are happy to have found a partner with a long experience  in the market and a perfect understanding of what cyclists want these days.

Enrico Gastaldello – CEO and sales director

Rompelberg Cycling Holidays is now entering a new era with Wilier Triestina bicycles. We have been looking for a bike manufacturer that combines beautifully crafted bikes, premium quality and cycling heritage. Our test rides showed that riding a Wilier is an experience in it’s own right and the perfect complement to exploring Mallorca’s stunning scenery. Wilier and RCH have a long tradition in their respective markets and share a touch of mediterranean passion. Also, both companies are still family owned. We have found Wilier Triestina to be the perfect match in terms of products, services and – last but not least – people. RCH is looking forward to this long term partnership – from which all of our cycling guests will benefit.

Jetse Scholma, CEO Rompelberg Cycling Holidays

Filante SLR

This is definitely the high end of the high end in race bike manufacturing. Filante SLR is an extremely lightweight aerodynamic bicycle with a one of a kind stiffness to weight ratio.

In addition to being lightweight, (350 grams for the 101×42 size) the new integrated carbon monocoque Filante Bar handlebar houses the brake and derailleur cables, directing them toward the inside of the frame.

In our fleet we rent the Filante SLR with Dura Ace Di2 disc 12s components. 

Gears are 50/34 and 11-30. The medium profile carbon rims are the perfect compromise between stiffness, weight and aerodynamics. This bikes comes with 28mm tires for reduced rolling resistance and maximum comfort.

Cento10 SL 

The Cento10 SL is the perfect aerodynamic racing bike for athletes like you who are looking for maximum speed in an elegant, sleek bike in the upper middleclass segment

All cables (electronic and mechanical) run inside the frame. With the new Stemma SL stem, the bike can be assembled or maintained without having to remove the handlebar.

The new round fork steerer tube increases torsional stiffness and riding safety.

In our fleet we will rent the Cento10 SL with Ultegra Di2 disc 12s components and high profile alloy rims for stiffness and excellent aerodynamics. Gears are 50/34 and 11-30. 

This bikes comes with 28mm tires for reduced rolling resistance and maximum comfort.

Cento1 HY

The all new Hybrid of Wilier is a product that combines the special distinctive traits of Wilier Triestina products with the cutting-edge intelligence of the lightest servo-assistance system on the market.

The result is a true racing bike with pedal assistance which weighs just 11,9 kilograms – a record in the e-road category.

The Mahle Ebikemotion system comes with the motor installed in the rear wheel hub. When you stop pedalling, or your speed exceeds 25 km/h, power output stops with no sensation of braking friction.

In our fleet we will rent the Cento1 HY with Shimano’s 105 Di2 disc 12s components. Gears are 50/34 and 11-34. 28mm tires and medium profile alloy rims for stiffness and excellent aerodynamics.

The battery delivers 250Wh for assistance in ‘times of need’.


Garda is the perfect product for those who want a true race bike with a stress-free ride. With Garda, we have redesigned the entry-level carbon race bike giving it a modern interpretation, with cables routed into the frame.

Garda is the perfect product for those who love to ride a modern bike, with a modern race geometry and yet a good level of comfort. It is able to fit (in the disc version) tires up to 32 mm to further increase riding safety and comfort.

In our fleet we will rent the Garda with Shimano’s 105 Di2 disc 12s components and semi high profile alloy rims for stiffness and excellent aerodynamics. Gears are 50/34 and 11-34 and 28mm tires with great comfort and little rolling resistance.