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Discover Mallorca by Bike – Premier Bike Hire Services Await

Explore the best in Mallorca bike hire with our exceptional rental service. Our fleet, featuring top-quality bikes, guarantees the comfort of home. Choose from a variety of models including speedy racing bikes, versatile touring bikes, and user-friendly e-bikes. Each season, we refresh our range with the latest bikes.

For the avid cyclist, there’s no need to bring your own bike. We offer the latest and best models, all meticulously maintained for your riding pleasure. Experience the excellence of our rental bikes, ensuring you a premium cycling experience on Mallorca.

Hire a top-tier bike from us! Whether you prefer aluminum, full-carbon, sport, full-carbon Di2, or eBike, we have the perfect match for your cycling needs in Mallorca. Arrive and ride in style with the bike of your choice, ready and waiting for you.

Explore Mallorca’s Beauty on Two Wheels

Whether you’re with friends, family, or your cycling club, our bike hire lets you explore Mallorca’s charm individually or in a group. Choose from a range of bikes, from racing to mountain bikes, at our bike hire in Mallorca, perfect for traversing various terrains.

For those who love guided bike tours, we offer excursions across the island’s most scenic routes. Hire one of our expert guides along with your bike, and they’ll lead you through Mallorca’s stunning landscapes. Our bike hire service caters to all skill levels and preferences for an unforgettable cycling experience.

Get in Touch Now and Secure Your Bicycle for Hire

Encounter any technical issues while cycling in Mallorca? Our dedicated breakdown service is always ready to assist, ensuring a stress-free biking adventure across the island. Contact us for seamless support throughout your cycling journey in Mallorca.

Ready to embark on your Mallorca cycling trip? Reach out to our service center to reserve your ideal bike. We ensure a memorable biking experience, whether you’re riding solo or joining a guided tour. Discover the variety of options we offer for an unparalleled Mallorca Cycling Holiday.

Our Selection for Your Perfect Bike Vacation

Explore our curated selection for your perfect bike vacation in Mallorca. From leisurely rides to challenging trails, we have the perfect bike hire options to suit your adventure style. Discover the best of Mallorca with our tailored bike hire solutions, designed to provide you with an unparalleled cycling holiday.

Wilier Filante Dura Ace 12sp Di2 Disc Rent

From €459,- per week

Wilier Cento10 Ultegra 12sp Di2 Disc Rent

From €251,- per week

Wilier Garda 105 12sp Di2 Disc Rent

From €200,- per week

Fuji Carbon Ultegra 11sp Disc Rent

From €150,- per week

Wilier Cento1 HY 105 12sp Di2 Rent

From €291,- per week

E-bike Besv TR 1.1 low step rent

From €191,- per week

Fuji Alu Ultegra 11sp Rent

From €110,- per week

Sport Bike rent

From €77,- per week