General conditions


  • You practice your bike sports activities on Mallorca at your own risk. You are responsible yourself to observe the traffic rules! The Rompelberg Cycling Holidays-Team does not hold any liability in any case for physical or material defects you face during your (sports) activities on Mallorca, even if you ride in a group with or without a group guide of the Rompelberg Cycling Holidays-Team.
  • Using helmets is obligatory for cyclists on Mallorca. It is mandatory in all cycling activities the Rompelberg Cycling Holidays-Team organizes.
  • Rompelberg Cycling Holidays-Team does hold no liability for any services, offers of tour operators nor travel agencies and their (promised) performance or quality levels. Neither does Rompelberg Cycling Holidays-Team hold any responsibility for the performance of hotels used or booked through the Rompelberg Cycling Holidays-Team.
  • The distances and the planned average speed announced for the guided groups are no doctrines. In accordance to the profiles of the tours, the weather situation and the wishes of the group members’ deviances are possible.
  • The tenant of a hired bike is in principle responsible for all defects resulting from careless handling, fall, accident, theft etc., as far as the damage is not covered by the obligatory bike insurance. Take care of rented stuff!
  • By reasons of liability law we point out explicitly, that the Rompelberg Cycling Holidays-Team undertakes in does not take any responsibility for all sites linked on this website, since we have no influence as far as the contents, design and current modification of these sites are concerned
    (Judgement 312 0 85/98 from 1998-05-12 “responsibility for links”).

Website and booking conditions

  • The entire content of this website has been compiled in good conscience. The Rompelberg Cycling Holidays-Team takes no responsibility for any mistakes that may have occurred despite the greatest possible care.
  • Prices are without prejudice by technical errors and may vary from day to day by hotel or other accommodation.
  • There are also differences in seasonal prices or promotional prices.

Booking conditions for the trip you book with us

  • The holiday package includes hotel, transfer from the airport to hotel and back, bicycle sports package and eventual bicycle rental. Flight tickets are exclusive.
  • The moment you book the trip and you receive the invoice, the entire travel sum will have to be paid.

Conditions in case of cancellation of the trip you have booked with us

  • In case of cancellation at least 30 days before the start of the trip, we will reimburse 50% of the travel sum, excluding flight ticket.
  • The costs of the flight ticket will not be refunded in the event of cancellation, even if we have booked the flight.
  • In case of cancellation within 30 days before the start of the trip you will receive nothing.
  • We always recommend a cancellation insurance. You can take a cancellation insurance always with your own insurance company.

Applicable law and forum choice

  1. Dutch law applies to the legal relationship between the parties.
  2. Disputes will only be settled by the competent court of the Maastricht District Court, Limburg Netherlands.


Rompelberg Cycling Holidays B.V. KvK: 68439865 is affiliated with the Stichting Calamiteitenfonds Reizen. The guarantee from the Calamity Fund (Calamiteitenfonds) means that you as a traveler participating in a trip on which the warranty applies: – (a part of) your travel sum will be refunded if the trip cannot fully be implemented due to a calamity; – the necessary additional costs are reimbursed if we have to adjust the trip as a result of a calamity or if we have to bring you in early repatriation.” A calamity is defined as a manmade or natural disaster which can be classified as an abnormal event.


ravel Guarantee Fund (SGR) Foundation Rompelberg Cycling Holidays B.V. KvK: 68439865 is affiliated with SGR. You can check this via Within the limits of the GSC guarantee scheme, the journeys published on this website are covered by the SGR guarantee. This SGR guarantee means that the consumer is assured that his prepaid travel money is reimbursed as the other party due to financial inability the agreed performance cannot comply. Insofar as the agreement also includes transport and the location of destination has already been reached, the return journey shall be arranged.